March 23, 2023

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Rawan bin Hussein mocks his “aunt” Mai al-Aid .. Video

Amir Fati wrote on Tuesday, 22 March 2022 02:43 AM – Fascist and Kuwaiti artist Rawan bin Hussein mocked his fellow media person Mai al-Aid because he criticized the song “Audios”. Recently delivered in Moroccan.

Then Hussein sent a message to May al-Aidan, during a video he posted on his personal account “Snapshot”, celebrating his 15 million views on YouTube.

Rawan bin Hussein said in the video, “God willing, we will celebrate 15 million for Audios and dedicate the upcoming Asturian song and dance to him, in the eyes of my dear aunt Mai al-Aidan.”

May al-Aidan criticized the “Audios” clip sung by his compatriot Rawan bin Hussein during his “Account Report” show, explaining that “the song is bad in every way”.

In his review of al-Aidan, he said, “The clip is bad, there is no content, no words, no melody, no distribution. The clip is not sweet, it’s worthless. Also, Rouen’s voice is not sweet. Converts to sound.

May al-Aidan continued his critique of Raven, saying, “At least the first clip was wide and sweet, but the new clip is bad, not sweet.”

Al-Aidan told Raven, “I hope she pays attention to her problem. Is she a blogger, a law student, a singer, a fashionista or an acting student? I do not understand what a person is. A person is always more unique than other disciplines.”

He continued, “Ravana is the celebrity he wants to do, and the biggest proof is that despite graduating from the law faculty, he did not pursue legal work as a lawyer.”

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