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Reading is the making of civilization – statement


Reading is the food of thought and the understanding of knowledge, this was described by the ancients, and “wasi” was the first word revealed to our noble messenger Muhammad, so that this word in its four letters is an essential element for the revival of the people and societies of God, so the glory reveals to us the importance of reading and to do so. Stimulates, and through it, cultures harmonize, without which societies cannot be built. Their culture.

In reading there is wisdom and light, benefit to mankind, increase of consciousness and knowledge, maturity of awareness. It helps us to prove our personality and widen our circle of intellectual and social contacts. Analyzing ideas and stimulating our abilities enhances our linguistic abilities in terms of knowledge and innovation. To encourage us in this beautiful habit and urge us to take books as our best companion, we celebrate it in March as our nation calls it Reading Month.

Realizing the importance of study and its positive effects on society and the magnitude of its contribution in creating an educated and cultured generation capable of participating in it, our brilliant leadership, born out of belief in its importance, devoted an entire month to reading. The development process, and its belief in the ability of education to raise the level of knowledge and culture, has become a major priority on the agenda, and contributes to enriching and supporting the potential of the country’s cultural and knowledge environment. It encourages members of society to innovate and support the knowledge economy, the foundations of which the UAE is working hard to consolidate.

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The UAE’s passion for reading is not just a slogan, but has become a reality through initiatives launched by our brilliant leadership, foremost of which are the “National Reading Strategy 2016-2026” and the “Arab Reading Challenge” which contribute to promoting it. Students should make reading a habit and make it a life. Over the years, we have seen the impact of the challenge among students flocking to participate in quenching their thirst for knowledge.

One way:

Reading quenches our thirst for knowledge and inspires us to innovate

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