May 29, 2023

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Real Madrid and Villarreal | Vintage El Clasico Royal Sugar and Revenge from Ex-Barcelona Coach!

Real fell three days after sweeping Barcelona in El Clasico.

Real Madrid suffered a 2-3 defeat against Villarreal in the Spanish League round of 28 tie at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The defeat came in light of the rotation and major changes in the squad, but this was no excuse for defeat, and the league race with Barcelona dropped more points with ten full rounds to go.

Real Madrid seem to have drunk El Clasico in front of former Barcelona coach Gigi Setian, who is a master at playing against Real Madrid. The shirts he wore were Las Palmas, Real Betis or Villarreal.

Bad security!

Against Villarreal, the reality of Real Madrid’s defense appeared on its pitch and among its fans, a poor defense unable to perform its simple tasks of organizing and standing properly.

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We will only ask a number of questions, and if the answers are logical, we will clearly state that we have sinned against Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti’s defense.

Where was Real Madrid right winger Lucas Vazquez when Villarreal scored the first goal? Where is left back David Alaba? Vázquez was walking back from the middle of the Villarreal stadium, Alaba was gathering himself on the edge of the penalty area, his center focused on a foul on Sergio Ramos and the Villarreal attack passed him with a primitive pass. It is logical to switch him between the two parts.

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Empty ground

With Someni and Ceballos fronting the middle of the Real Madrid stadium, and Asensio remaining in attacking roles, we didn’t feel that the Royal Club owned the middle of the pitch.

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For most of the match, the medium battle was in favor of the Quick Setian battalion, which leads to another point below.

Where were Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, and was rotation a necessary option for the Italian coach?

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Is rotation necessary?

Yes, very clearly, the option of rotation is necessary and logical in light of the data surrounding the match even before it starts, and we list the most important of them below:

Barcelona are 12 points ahead of Real Madrid, and the race for the league title is not at the Royal Club’s feet.

Despite the wide win, the team had a tough game against Barcelona in the cup and will have to play against Chelsea on Wednesday in the Champions League.

Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are both over 30 and their health is not what it was three or four years ago.

Therefore, the option to rotate between the pair and the midfield that played the match is more logical, and logical in light of the current circumstances.

Restore Barcelona’s confidence

Perhaps the Italian coach shouldn’t be blamed too much, but the coach shouldn’t have allowed him to restore hope to an opponent in another local championship who knocked him out of the cup 4-0 before the hour.

In such situations, it is better to press the opponent until he is in doubt, and perhaps you can do anything despite the huge difference.

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Full point

Real Madrid were not on his day, perhaps failing when Carlo Ancelotti left his core elements off the field and brought on Karim Benzema after the hour mark.

In the end, after today’s meeting, Real Madrid will have to say goodbye to the hope of the Spanish league once and for all, because hope is completely over, if there was a glimmer of it.

Now Royal must set their compass towards the Champions League as they play their favorite against Chelsea next Wednesday.