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Red Sea Festival.. to promote film industry and stimulate talent – Al-Bilad newspaper


Yasser Khalil – Jeddah

The Red Sea International Film Festival, apart from kicking off its annual, busy festival to strengthen the film industry and showcase talent in the “seventh art” space, continues its programs with the aim of featuring film and theater stars from home. Participating abroad. Meanwhile, selections for international films were announced at the festival. The short film is participating in the Red Sea Competition, which hosts films by professional filmmakers from the continents of Asia and Africa. The festival is in its third session in Jeddah from November 30 to December 9.
Based on the festival’s slogan for this year: “Your Story, Your Festival”, the festival expects to dedicate its stage to 14 short films by emerging and established filmmakers from countries as diverse as Singapore, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Pakistan. , and others, the festival will dedicate its screens to share their poignant and touching stories. with the public as part of its first global or regional program.
Commenting on the news, Kaleem Aftab said: Director of the International Film Program of the Red Sea International Film Festival; He said: “We were delighted to receive a large number of submissions for the short film competition from filmmakers across the Asian and African continents, and I cannot understate the challenge we faced in identifying and selecting 14 films from a large pool. Through it we have seen their teachers rise to the top of the next generation of directors. We look forward to welcoming them to Jeddah to showcase their work and join the global film industry community through this year’s edition.
Among the international films shortlisted for this year’s short film category are: director Farnoosh Samadhi’s “Titanic” and director Sunny Calvento’s “Mother in Prime Time”, a film about a mother from the Philippines. Great pressure to prove oneself when auditioning for an exploitative entertainment show. . The lens of the film, which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, takes us deep into the world of reality shows, with a bold and surreal nature, where reality mixes with fantasy and is devoid of sarcasm.

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“The End of the Wind” by director Shukila Sirzan tells the story of a young Kazakh woman who discovers she is pregnant. When protests mount and plunge her town into chaos, her partner disappears and her life is turned upside down. She finds herself trapped in loneliness and confusion in the face of the reality of her future as a mother.Director Imran Hamdule’s “Waiting” tells the story of “Mzou” in the form of an influential social drama. He meets a retired man from the Cape Town Police Department called “Fred”. As Fred waits his turn in a long line in a chaotic and crowded environment, Mzou is tasked with getting “Fred” the help he needs.
Directed by Hira Yousafzai, “Solashia” tells the story of a young woman named “Jamta” who finds herself stranded in a chaotic makeshift shelter with other displaced people in Pakistan. Missing, she could not escape the state of despair she was experiencing.
Directed by Ava Maktar-Gillet, “Dusk” tells the story of a spirit world that becomes clear with the arrival of dusk. One of the darkest corners of Dakar Market is home to the ghost of “Ba Gong-Gung”. Although the places are forbidden for children, she decides to prove to her friends that the girls are brave enough to go on this adventure.
Directed by Tikron Agafelian, “The Courier” tells the story of an Armenian courier who suffers from a financial crisis when his ailing wife dies in hospital, prompting him to ponder the moral boundaries that challenge his need to save his wife.

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