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Reduce sugar in his diet… 9 Golden Tips for Dealing with a Distracted Child


Written by Marwa Mahmood Elias

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 11:00 p.m

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a problem that affects some children, during which the child becomes distracted and has difficulty concentrating. Dr. Amjad Al-Ajroudi is a psychological consultant and member of the Regional Council.mental healthHe explained that a distracted child exhibits certain symptoms, either individually or together, including attention and inattention when talking to him. For example, closing a door or opening a window, he is distracted by the slightest movement or activity in the environment. but not limited to.

Dr. Amjad continued his speech on the signs and symptoms of distraction in children, difficulty in concentrating when the child is called for the first time, difficulty in receiving some information and difficulty in receiving some, and not necessarily. Education or life information he receives.

The mental health counselor provided a set of helpful tips for dealing with a child with distraction, including:

Distracted child needs our help to increase his focus. We need to follow the child psychiatrist to give specific sessions according to his level of distraction and his condition.

Focus on providing him with a supportive environment and be patient with him.

Focus on increasing the number of games that improve his concentration, games that are suitable for his level, and completely stay away from dealing with electronic devices and mobile phones, as they increase the level of distraction and detachment from reality.

Interest in practicing one or more sports to release energy and improve concentration, preferably as a team sport.

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He maintains a healthy diet, low in sugars and preservatives.

Ask your child’s doctor about the importance of omega-3 for his health and the proper dosage.

Thank your child for giving commands directly rather than cooperatively, and be careful to give commands slowly and directly while looking into his eyes.

Make sure to keep eye contact with him and reinforce this task to him.

Focus on protecting his psychological state and don’t allow his brothers to threaten him because of his health. Always reassure him that he is special.

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