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Red Sea Film Festival supports 14 Arab projects


Announce Festival As part of its first session for the 2020-2021 season, the Red Sea International Film Festival today announced 14 new Arab cinematic projects that have received support for the Red Sea Fund’s production or post-production activities.

It was launched Red sea chest To provide support for film projects with the aim of completing these projects and turning them into cinematic works that will travel to audiences around the world.

This round of funding is a ready-made boost to the Red Sea Fund, which was launched last June.

The fund has received more than 650 applications for the development, production and completion of the project, which will be reviewed and selected projects will be announced in December.

The list of announced projects includes films and documentaries from 10 countries: Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

The two films are international hits, the first for Oscar-nominated director and the Cannes Prize-winning Eli Dagger for short films.

His film “The Sea Before You” was shown at a filmmakers’ half – month demonstration last July.

The sea movie poster is in front of you

Meanwhile, the world premiere of “Farha” directed by Darren Salam is taking place at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.

Project list

  1. Joy, directed by Darren Salam (Jordan, Sweden)
  2. “The Sea Before You” (France, Lebanon, USA, Belgium, Qatar) directed by Eli Dagger
  3. “Kurban” directed by Najeeb Belgadi (Tunisia)
  4. Take me to the cinema directed by Al-Bagar Jaber (Iraq, Egypt)
  5. “Sola” directed by Salah Assad (Algeria)
  6. “Bottles” directed by Raheed Al-Nahdi, Noora Al-Mawlid, Rupa Kafaji, Fatima Al-Hasmi, Noor Al-Ameer (Saudi Arabia)
  7. “Antonio Thar” directed by Heidi Olat Mohant (Morocco, France)
  8. “Reset” directed by Rashid Masharawi (Palestine)
  9. “Path 10” directed by Omar Naim (Saudi Arabia)
  10. “Basma” directed by Fatima Al-Banavi (Saudi Arabia, Egypt)
  11. “I am a Cedar” directed by Mira Shoaib (Lebanon)
  12. Directed by Amshad Al-Rashid (Jordan) “Insha Allah He Will Be Born.”
  13. “Arabic Translator” directed by Ali Kareem (Iraq, Germany, Qatar)
  14. “The Wind Sings” Hadi Kandur (Lebanon, Tunisia)
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In addition, Edward Weintraub, art director of the Red Sea International Film Festival, emphasized the global presence of Arab cinema.

He added: Arab cinema has creative talents that tell new stories inspired by Arab culture and tradition. Therefore, we must continue to support Arab filmmakers throughout the year and provide them with funding or skills that will reach an audience.

Now, we are proud to see Arab films at the Venice Film Festival or other international festivals, and there is no doubt that similar achievements will occur in the years to come.

It is worth noting that the inaugural edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival will take place at Jeddah Al-Bridge 621 December 6-15.

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