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“Red Sea International” unveils the largest study on conservation of wildlife ecosystems


“Red Sea International” unveils the largest study on conservation of wildlife ecosystems

Red Sea International, the developers of the world’s most ambitious renewable tourism projects in the “Red Sea” and “Amala” locations, revealed the results of the real estate development company’s largest environmental studies on living ecosystems. It is spread over an area of ​​250 km from the Red Sea coast.

This comprehensive survey covers the fauna and flora of the company’s two main sites (the “Red Sea” target located around Lake Al-Waj and the “Amala” target to its north). The study was overseen by the institute’s specialized scientific team with the support of international partner groups to ensure the use of the latest methods and technologies in monitoring critical natural resources.

For his part, John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea International, stressed that the company’s decisions stem from a firm belief in responsible development projects and the key role of renewable tourism in protecting the natural habitats of coastal and marine areas.

Pagano noted that “Red Sea International” plays an important role in setting new standards in the field of sustainable tourism, going beyond the limits of protecting natural systems and exploring innovative ways to rehabilitate them in working areas. Place.

“We have set a measurable goal of achieving a 30 percent increase in biodiversity value by 2040, and will continue to issue detailed annual reports to measure our progress toward this ambitious goal,” Pagano said. Therefore, we set a common standard that measures current indicators of local ecosystems to monitor the level of progress achieved and to ensure full awareness and deep understanding of the amazing biodiversity that surrounds our projects.

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Also, a 2022 survey of the Red Sea coast highlighted the importance of environmental conservation and restoration efforts by Red Sea International and other countries as many endangered species use the area as habitat and breeding grounds. region.

The research team – to crystallize a clear picture of the trends covered in the study – used state-of-the-art technologies to continue permanently collecting critical data on a number of physical, chemical and biological variables across the region, as well as remotely sensed data. satellite) covering vast areas.

In the framework of this study, in addition to using satellite trackers to monitor several hawksbill turtles, a permanent monitoring mechanism was developed for 30 pairs of sunset hawks using GPS and satellite trackers to better understand their breeding and hunting patterns. Recently reconstructed sea cranes help us understand their feeding patterns.

Executive Director of Environment Protection and Development Affairs of “Red Sea International” Dr. As for Omar Al-Attas, the company bases all its ambitious projects on science and emphasized that it prioritizes the health of the environment. works.

Al-Attas pointed out that the group of experienced local and international scholars who worked on the study provided solid evidence for the commitment of the leadership of the group to turn tourism into a force for good and the possibility of adopting more responsible approaches in developing the company’s programs.

The results of this study not only provide Red Sea International with information to support development decisions that limit negative impacts on natural ecosystems in the region, but also confirm the company’s commitment to prioritizing the interests of the planet and people. .

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These surveys form an initial benchmark for “Red Sea International” to monitor the degree of success it has achieved in its commitment to improving the natural environments of its targets beyond what they have been in the past. In addition to the benefits they bring to the company’s sustainable tourism practices, these results help provide the international scientific community with important insights and data about endangered wildlife species, thereby improving conservation efforts around the world.

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