June 6, 2023

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Hala Al Turk is eye-catching on her 21st birthday with a unique look

Hala Al-Turk Al-Aoun wowed with a different look at her 21st birthday celebration, and the Bahraini artist drew attention with touches that made her look older than her actual age.
Hala al-Turk posted a group of photos on the photo-sharing app Instagram through her personal account, and wrote only the number 21, marking her New Year’s Eve.

For her look, Hala Al-Turk chose an open black dress based on the mermaid design, which mixes crepe fabric and tulle, and the design featured the signature of Kuwaiti fashion designer Bassa Alshouman.
Hala al-Turk’s birthday dress is estimated to cost around $1,290. It is from Spring and Summer 2023 collection. Hala Al-Turk broke up the black with big accessories and accentuated her wavy beauty. The hairstyle and makeup made her look older than her age.
Viewers interacted with Hala Al-Turk’s appearance, and commented with many words that varied between words expressing their owners’ strong admiration for the young artist’s appearance, which was appropriate for the age she lived in, her twenties.
Hala Al-Turk Dr. The last appearance was with Kolood, where he posted a video clip on social media apps through his personal account, in which he accompanied the young artiste to a warm welcome at the airport, and Dr. It was a video in which viewers chatted about Golood and Hala al-Turk’s relationship.

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