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Reducing sugar reduces autism complications


American researcher Christina Adams highlighted on Thursday in Rabat that following a diet based on an intensive program based on reducing sugar intake mainly has a positive effect on reducing the complications of autism.

This researcher told a meeting organized by the Federation of Associations Working in the Autism Disability Sector in Morocco, “After many consultations with doctors and mothers about the treatment of her autistic son, he was given dietary recommendations based on intensive care. The program is mainly based on reducing sugar, which has a positive effect on reducing the complications of the disease.

On the other hand, he noted that camel milk helped his son, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, reduce his symptoms by 30 percent, and with the aim of sharing knowledge, he wrote several articles on the subject. Her general goal was to help families with autistic children.

Adams said a chance encounter brought her together with a farmer who owned camels in California, where they discussed the benefits of camel milk together, prompting her to do painstaking research on milk that was lacking in the United States.

Confirming that its benefits are of interest not only to autistic people, but also to type 1 and type 2 diabetics, its author, “Kamal Crazy: Finding Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels,” a book that highlights how to use camel milk according to recipes, and Camel and Camel Milk and its Science and provides information on nutritional value.

I have described three reasons for choosing the title “Camel Crazy”, the first is that camels are biologically fascinating and surprising, the second is related to people’s fascination with the camel, and the third is a question about the camel’s relationship. Milk for Autism.

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For his part, Afaf Aji, president of the Alliance of Associations working in the field of autism in Morocco, affirmed the alliance’s openness to all international experiences working on the subject, considering the meeting as an opportunity to learn about his experience.

He also noted that there are many studies that show the importance of camel milk in people suffering from autism and some other diseases like diabetes, and based on his experience, the alliance will scientifically move towards an interventional research. Milk for people with autism.

The meeting was devoted to the presentation of two authors of the researcher on the topic “Kamal Crazy: A Search for Miracles in a Mysterious World”.

And a Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention, and Recovery.

Christina Adams is an internationally known author, researcher and expert on autism and camel research, and a Nautilus Book Award winner.

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