March 29, 2023

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Registration has opened for two projects at Mohammed Bin Saeed University

Registration has opened for two projects at Mohammed Bin Saeed University

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Mohammed bin Saeed University of Human Sciences has announced the start of enrollment for postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Arabic language and literature for the second semester of the 2021/2022 academic year.

The Masters program includes specialization in Literature, Language and Linguistics, PhD in Arabic Language and Literature, through the University’s website from October 2021.

The Rector of the University, Dr. Khalid Al-Yabouni Al-Taheri, said: “The prestigious Mohammed bin Saeed University of Humanities by this name was established with the ambition of being a world-class educational center in the field of humanities, social sciences and philosophy. Under this mission and mission, the University is responsible for educational programs Accepts that it is based on the advancement of Arabic language programs and the spread of tolerance, love and respect for Islam and Arab culture in a civilized and humane manner, human rights, and the establishment of moderate, moderate and explicit values ​​for the various cultures and peoples of the world.

The student applying for the postgraduate program must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates or one of the children of Emirati women, and have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent success with a certificate issued by an accredited university and above in a subject that qualifies for the special course he or she is applying for.

The applicant for the postgraduate program must pass a written test and a personal interview before the science panel, while his final approval at the end of the next semester is subject to a certain average of semester scores and standardized tests in Arabic and Mathematics within the same grade limits in the Emirates.

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These are the same conditions set by the university notice for the PhD applicant, the postgraduate degree as per the conditions, as well as his average in the marks and standardized examinations at the end of the next semester, which is accepted in the program that will determine his final result.