March 29, 2023

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Reham Saeed: Shahush fought over my children’s opportunity and refused to give it up


Riham said

Egyptian media Reham Saeed has commented on the news that popular singer Hassan Shakash has been acquitted of the case against him.

Reham Saeed said in an exclusive statement to the “Echo of the Country”: “In order to prove that he slandered me on his side, I filed a lawsuit and filed a report in the internet investigation.”

He added, “The report I took from the internet investigation goes to trial and leaves a statement for trial. The court said that the same issue is with the lawyer and at the same time we have it, so it refused to accept it. I did not reject the invitation and the invitation because I made the same statement twice. I submitted, but Hassan Shakash was not released. “

He said I am still prosecuting the public prosecutor on charges of contempt, libel, libel and defamation.

And he concluded: “Hassan Shakash fought on my children’s show, bullied Umm Rada al-Bahrawi and made mistakes with the musicians playing the percussion instruments. Even if one goes to the wrong and the signs. People’s respect is not a game.”

“God forbid … In connection with the media case, Reham Saeed, the case against me was dismissed. Praise be to God and justice to the just judiciary,” Shakash released a video.

It is noteworthy that a dispute erupted between Hassan Shakaush and the media, Reham Saeed, after Reham Saeed declared on a TV show that “Shakosh is his enemy”.

A Giza court has adjourned the trial of Reham Saeed, accused of harassing, insulting and slandering “festival singer Hassan Shakaush”, to a November 14 session.

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Source: “Echo of the Country”