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Removes mass from the abdomen of a young Emirati woman, revealing she was born with two spleens


One of the facilities of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Team (VPS) Healthcare Group at the Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi was discovered during surgery to remove a mass in the stomach of a 20-year-old Emirati woman, the second of which was not the major spleen, after it was decided, in several medical facilities As many doctors have said before, this mass is nothing more than a cancerous tumor.

The case of this patient is one of the rare cases because the size of the spleen is very large compared to similar cases that have occurred in the world and their total number does not exceed 30 cases. Usually around the world in such cases, the size of the second spleen does not exceed 5 cm, but in addition to the deficiency, in this case, its size was more than 10 cm, which is the location of the second spleen located behind the first case spleen and abdominal cavity of the state and the second case in the world and the original spleen and so on. Its contact with arteries and veins made the case very rare and complicated, especially with modern technology keyhole technology.

Dr Ali Ayub, a gastroenterologist and department head consultant at the medical city where the surgery was performed, said: “The patient has been suffering from abdominal pain, weight loss and nausea for several months. He received medical treatment in Burjeel. Showed that there was a large mass on the left side of the upper abdomen behind the colon near the aorta.This case is rare for me to have a strong feeling and it is not a cancerous tumor, due to the location of the mass, according to my experience in this field and my many readings, and to determine the appropriate medical practice, the multidisciplinary medical team During the meeting we discussed the case of the patient.

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After 9 consecutive hours of surgery, by laparoscopic surgery with keyhole technique, it is a sophisticated technique that is activated through small holes in the abdomen, which is characterized by accelerating the recovery process of the patient, who was born with two spleens, which is a rare event, The patient explains that there was no damage to the kidneys or vessels. He was discharged from the hospital on the fourth day of surgery on the fourth day after surgery.

After surgery, he insisted on sending the mass to the pathology laboratory to check his suspicions, and the report revealed that there was extra spleen, emphasizing that advanced keyhole surgeries could only be done by this type. The case was developed together in the medical city of Burjeel when there was experience, teamwork and techniques.

The patient, a first-year university student, said, “I did not know my condition in advance and could not imagine having two spleens in my body. Throughout my life, I have not felt anything unusual. Last time before surgery, I began to feel nausea and pain in the abdomen and stomach, two weeks ago, I lost 10 kilograms of weight because the pain I was feeling prevented me from eating.One of the hospitals, said it was a rare tumor and wanted to get rid of it, but I wanted to take more than one medical opinion from such a look, do not rush, God and the Specialist in the city of Berjeel Medical Thanks to the team the surgery was done and within a week I left the hospital and after that my mom removed everything and I went back to my normal life as if nothing had happened.

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