March 29, 2023

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Renewable Energy Saving Material Patent

A team of engineers at the University of Newcastle, Australia, has patented a material designed to store thermal energy in the form of a block, which they believe could be conveniently used to drop coal-derived energy.

And (composite gap compounds) blocks are made of aluminum and graphite and store energy generated from renewable sources, and the research is expected to last about 30 years without any change in reliability.

Eric Casey, co-inventor, said his team was working on thermoelectric converters that produce energy through heat, and the idea to switch to energy storage came to him.

“The most important component of the module is the aluminum particles, which provide the latent heat and fusion energy we are talking about,” he added.

He continued, “So it will melt thousands of times over the life of the block and return to solid state, but it will remain stable with graphite, and in this case there are other systems, but graphite is the main factor.”

Each module weighs about six kilograms and has one kilowatt of stored thermal energy per hour. Casey declined to specify the expected price for each block.


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