March 27, 2023

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Report outlining the pros and cons of housing in the penthouse section.

Report outlining the pros and cons of housing in the penthouse section.

A recent report by the website, which specializes in real estate research, identified the pros and cons of housing in the recently expanded “penthouse”. According to a report by “Emirates Today”, penthouses are often located on the upper floors of tall buildings and towers, and their basic idea is that all four of their walls are made of glass, giving their occupants a stunning panoramic view. And expands the area of ​​an entire site. This report looked at the many benefits of living in a penthouse, which attracts those looking for the opportunity to live in larger apartments, perhaps in complete privacy.

The report considers the fundamentals of housing in the “penthouse” that residents are looking for to be classified as privacy because it is completely isolated from the surrounding environment, and provides space for residents to move away from the neighbor’s home. He pointed out the serenity provided by these apartments, where the houses in the “penthouse” would help with the inconvenience caused by the streets and the noise of cars. The advantages of penthouse units are that they provide stunning and attractive views from all sides because the walls are made of glass, so the views they provide are one of the most important benefits of life on main streets, beaches or lush gardens. In the penthouse, according to the report.

The report continued: “Penthouse residents live in large areas and can use this space for many things, including outdoor spaces for summer sessions, and this is one of the main reasons why people live in penthouse units.”

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The Bayut report observes many of the disadvantages of living in a penthouse, especially its great impact on summer temperatures, as residents living on the upper floors feel a significant increase in temperature than on the lower floors because they are exposed to direct sun and heat. As for the summer, in the winter, residents feel twice as cold from all sides because the walls are made entirely of glass. The report pointed out that water leakage is one of the most important drawbacks and challenges that residents of penthouse apartments may face.

The report pointed out that the absence or failure of an electric lift is one of the biggest challenges facing residents, so it is important to ensure that there is more than one lift that serves the occupants of the building or tower. You do not have to wait long for the elevator to take off, due to increased pressure from people for its use or if it fails.

He continued: “It is natural for the upper floors to be most affected by the problem of water pumping into the apartments, so you need to make sure that you get enough water to supply the upper area where you intend to go. In most of the towers and buildings, water is supplied to the lower floors without the use of a pump, as the apartments have a separate water pump for each apartment, which works best to connect the water.

He noted that, in some construction activities, it is difficult to attach the columns to the upper floors, which can lead to loosening or cracking in the walls, although this is rare and should be taken care of and ensured. That there are no such drawbacks.

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