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Research on mobile phone, its advantages and disadvantages



Research on mobile phone, its advantages and disadvantages

Research on mobile phone, its advantages and disadvantages, The mobile phone has become a big part of people’s lives all over the world as the tremendous growth that the world has seen has made it an indispensable and indispensable thing in our lives until it is in everyone’s hands. Old or older. Or small, certainly there are many advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone and we will know about the mobile phone and its consequent advantages and disadvantages in a thorough research on the content website.

Introduction to Cell Phone Research

Mobile phones have become one of the most important electronic devices in the current era, they have made the world a small village and you can communicate with anyone around the world through your mobile phone, which has enhanced the value and importance of mobile phones. In this world. But despite the great advantages that mobile phones have; However, having this phone in their hands has many disadvantages that can cause bad behavior or big problems for people. In fact, many minorities attack this technological development that the world has achieved in mobile phones, and they believe. It can be a major reason for the breakdown of relationships between people in the future.

Find the mobile phone

Researching on mobile phones requires scientific knowledge of the writing process and the rules to follow in reading written text to achieve the best form, in addition to the importance of knowing the research topic on mobile phones for accessibility. Need to know the necessary information about the advantages and disadvantages of the phone and all its details. Benefit from the information available in scientific journals and follow the technological developments in the field to achieve the desired goal. The goal is to bring you documented and robust scientific research that can explain all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. .

Definition of mobile phone

A mobile phone is a technological device through which voice calls and text messages are sent and received from all parts of the world, that is, it is a secure communication device that allows you to communicate and communicate with the outside world. The world has become a village for all the people around you to check them and know their messages. With the huge growth the world has seen in the field of small and smart phones, the process of communication has become easier and faster, it is even possible to make video calls to see the other party, talk to him in voice and video, and modern internet. Networks have added to this, which has made the process of communication between people easier, especially with the advent of social networking applications that have made this easier.

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Mobile release date

In 1876 AD, a patent was registered in the name of a scientist named “Alexander Graham Bell” for the mobile phone industry, but historically it is “Antonio” who came up with the idea of ​​inventing the communication device. Meucci” in 1854 AD, but according to sources, Meucci did not complete his invention and failed in it, so he came and Graham Bell succeeded in completing the manufacturing process, thus he gets the patent for the invention. But the greatest credit goes to Martin Cooper, an American researcher who developed this theory and made the first mobile phone to perform wireless communication in 1973, and later the mobile phone and the mobile phone. Installing a smartphone, the first version of which came from IBM. In 1992 AD As for the first mobile smart phone, it was manufactured by Nokia in 1996 and from there it spread to all parts of the world.

Advantages of mobile phone

The mobile phone has many advantages, it is important in our daily life, adults or children, because it makes many tasks easier today. Among the most important advantages of a mobile phone are the following:

  • Communicating with People: A mobile phone allows communication between family, friends or people from all over the world through video calls, voice calls or text messages.
  • Recreation and Entertainment: The mobile phone provides many games and entertainment applications which help the students to enjoy themselves using such things.
  • Media Services: With your mobile phone, you can know all the news about your surroundings and the outside world and share it with people in different areas.
  • Practicing Hobbies: With a mobile phone, you can practice your favorite hobbies of designing, drawing, playing, playing, singing or other hobbies.
  • Storage and Protection of Information and Data: A mobile phone has a huge storage capacity that allows you to store all your data, information and files and retrieve them whenever you want.
  • Business Management: You can manage all your work and communicate with customers or employees anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone.
  • Game Play: The mobile phone helps you in the exercise process by determining the exercises you do, calories, steps and other things.
  • Study: You can complete your studies electronically from your mobile phone and review all your lessons.
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Mobile phone damage

Like the many benefits that mobile phones provide us in our lives; But there are many harms that many things can cause to individuals in various situations, and among the most important harms related to mobile phones are the following:

  • Lack of Communication: Human contact has become rarer and almost non-existent due to mobile phones, which has contributed to the reduction of physical contact between people. Communication or messages of reassurance have become an alternative to going to individual people and potentially tearing them apart. Apart from social structure in the future.
  • Radiations: Despite the tremendous growth in the mobile phone industry; However, this development causes great harm because the phone transmits radiation that is harmful to the body and may cause many diseases in the future, the main of which is cancer, poor eyesight and others.
  • addict Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to addiction, which worsens the relationship between individuals, and leads to the destruction and breakdown of family relationships.
  • Wasting time: Sitting on a mobile phone for long periods of time is a reckless waste of time and can cause many losses to a human being.
  • Car Accidents: Many traffic accidents occur daily in different parts of the world due to the use of mobile phones while driving, which can endanger both pedestrians and motorists.
  • Privacy Violation: It is possible to hack these phones and violate the privacy and information of others, which can cause disasters due to this matter.

Stages of Mobile Development

The mobile phone has undergone many advancements in the world and it has become the most important technological device in different times. Below we present the most important stages of mobile phone development in the world:

  • The prototype of mobile phone was invented by scientist Graham Bell in 1876 AD.
  • Invention of the wall-mounted telephone in 1882 AD.
  • 1919 AD Invention of the telephone that calls the requested number directly without the need for a calling adapter.
  • In 1928 AD the invention of the fully portable telephone.
  • In 1937 AD the invention of the telephone equipped with a whistle when a call is received.
  • Invention of push-button telephone and distribution with number wheel in 1973 AD.
  • In 1973, Martin Cooper invented wireless mobile phones.
  • In 1992, IBM invented the first smart phone.
  • In 1996 Nokia Mobile Phone Company was established.
  • In 2007 the first generation Apple iPhone was invented.
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Tips for using a mobile phone

There are many tips to follow while using a mobile phone so that the application process is safe and no error occurs which could harm the owner of the phone. Here are the most important tips for using a mobile phone:

  • Do not share personal information with anyone.
  • Use a strong mobile phone password.
  • Download safe apps and software.
  • Do not open suspicious links.
  • Use antivirus applications.
  • Close apps when you’re done using them.
  • Delete unused files from memory.
  • Connect accounts to your email.

How do I maintain…

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Unparalleled.. What’s the secret behind the smart chip in the new iPhone?



Unparalleled.. What’s the secret behind the smart chip in the new iPhone?

Unparalleled.. What’s the secret behind the smart chip in the new iPhone?

Apple continues to make huge strides in the field of manufacturing smartphone chips, and the American company has once again proved its superiority in the field by offering the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with the A17 Pro chip, the first such chip to be manufactured. With 3 nm technology… the world of smartphones.

With the release of the A17 Pro chip, Apple has not hesitated to reveal the level of progress it has made in this area. The iPhone maker, which usually avoids using disclosures that could be held liable later, made the point clearly this time. Its new chip has decided the game in the world of smart phones.

Apple has ensured that there is no rival to the A17 Pro chip in any smartphone and its chip comes with incredible performance that will change the rules of the game and take its smartphones to a whole new level.

A result of tripartite cooperation

Although Apple is not a company that specializes in making processor chips, its partnership with ARM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has helped it appear to be the best in the field. The A17 Pro chip, which Apple says is the next generation of Apple silicon chips, is actually the product of a collaboration between iPhone maker ARM and TSMC. Apple has a license that allows it to use ARM designs for phone processors, and with the ability to modify these designs, DSMC, which makes Apple’s chips, has the best technology because the Taiwanese company will prioritize the iPhone maker so that its phones use a 3-nanometer chip this year, according to a deal that brings the two sides together. Under TSMC should give preference to Apple.

A new name that signifies excellence

The new Apple chip excels in many technical aspects, and this has made the iPhone maker so confident in its performance that it has prompted it to drop the term Bionic, which it usually used, in naming its chips and replace it with the term Pro. While the new generation of Apple chips was expected to carry the name A17 Bionic, Apple chose the name A17 Pro, so that the word “Pro” refers to how advanced the chip’s configuration is compared to its predecessors.

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The A17 Pro chip, the world’s first for phones based on 3nm technology, features:

  • 8GB RAM.
  • Compared to the CPU found in last year’s introduced A16 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the six-core CPU is up to 10 percent faster.
  • The six-core GPU graphics processing unit is completely new in terms of design, and it can deliver amazing graphics performance, and this is reflected in the performance of games on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, whose details are closer to reality. . Apple has indicated that the GPU unit in the A17 Pro is 70 percent faster than the GPU unit in the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • A neural engine with 16 cores and enormous capabilities, twice as fast as the previous generation. It can be activated and processed by its own virtual neural networks, functionally similar to the complex nervous system of humans. 35 trillion operations per second, and this will be reflected in a significant improvement in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.
  • The 19 billion transistors represent a nanometer efficiency advance. To reduce the size of each transistor, the smaller the transistor size, the smaller it can be packed into the chip, leading to the production of such high-power chips. Made by Apple.

A phone that works with perfect compatibility

Computer engineer Muhammad Al-Numan told the “Iqtizad Sky News Arabia” website that by moving to 3-nm manufacturing technology for the A17 Pro chip, Apple has once again proven its extraordinary capabilities in the field of mobile device processors. , which is one of its most important wonderful surprises. , in the world of smart phones this year, indicates that the chip will contribute to improving the performance of the iPhone, which can work efficiently and with complete compatibility without any errors. At various levels, and its effectiveness is unaffected by any difficulties it may encounter.

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According to Al-Numan, the manufacturing precision of the 3 nm technology will provide a huge improvement in the efficiency and performance of iPhones compared to other phones. The number of transistors in the A17 Pro chip ensures that multiple tasks can be executed simultaneously. Compared to previous generations, power consumption has been significantly reduced. Whether the phone owner is running large applications, or playing games with high-quality graphics, the chip is ready to deliver performance unmatched in the world of phones to date. .

Smart and gentle

Al-Numan believes that in addition to its amazing performance, the A17 Pro is distinguished by its ability to consume less power, which will increase the battery life of the phone and allow the user to stay away from the charger for a long time. The artificial intelligence technologies integrated into the new chip will make the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max smarter and smoother. With its intelligence capabilities, it will help improve and further improve the performance of apps and services like Siri. Performance of face recognition and smart photography.

Al-Numan points out that the new Apple chip is characterized by advanced security technologies that will make it more difficult to hack the phone or access its owner’s personal information, which the tech world insists after releasing the A17 Pro. , now faces a chip that represents the greatest progress in the world of technology, and combines high performance, energy efficiency, security and advanced artificial intelligence, respecting strict environmental standards, as it is designed to consume the least amount of natural resources.

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A “smart chip” in the phone world

For his part, Mazen Al-Daghash, the head of the “Technology” company, said in an interview with the “Ectisat Sky News Arabia” website that the real star of the iPhone 15 series launch event was the A17 Pro chip. This chip plays a vital role in powering the phone, so in a smartphone, without the chip, nothing happens, from the camera to the screen running apps and transferring data to the battery.

According to Al-Taqash, the A17 Pro chip is the main brain of the phone, and when it combines the features it packs, ​​​​​​​we are facing a “smartest chip” in the world of phones. The 3-nm technology iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are now… Currently, without the slightest doubt, the mobile phone chip is the strongest and most efficient in the world, and this thing is, as Apple said, “final” and undeniable, to Apple. This indicates that the conclusion is supported by the results of tests carried out by a third party who received the phone from, with the aim of finding that the A17 Pro processor is more powerful than what Apple claims.

A chip that crushes all kinds of competition

Al-Taqash revealed that the A17 Pro chip comes with “accelerated ray tracing” technology that is 4 times faster than that found in the A16 Bionic chip. Very similar images of what can be achieved. Looking at it in the real world, the A17 Pro is expected to crush all kinds of competition in the phone app market in the next 6 months due to its incredible capabilities. It will positively affect the functionality of all the technical features and tools in the phone, which is bad news for Apple’s competitors.

Apple renews signing of deal with rival ARM to design chips

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Here’s how to download the new iOS 17 update… step by step



Here’s how to download the new iOS 17 update… step by step

Learn about the features of the new “iOS 17” update for iPhone devices

In the fast paced world of technology, Apple is once again bringing a new and exciting update to the iOS operating system, which is the “iOS 17” update. Before diving deep into the features of this new update, let’s first take a look at the important pre-update notes, new features and devices that can get this update and when it will be available. Everyone.

Before updating to a new version of the operating system like iOS 17, it is advisable to consider some tips to ensure a successful and problem-free update process:

Tips before updating to iOS 17

1. Backup:

Back up your device data completely using iCloud or iTunes. This will ensure that you don’t lose any data in case of any problem during the update.

2. Check Compatibility:

Make sure your device is compatible with the latest version of the operating system.

3. Update Applications:

Update all apps installed on your device. Updates may be available that make the app compatible with newer versions of the operating system.

4. Space Saving:

Installing large updates may require a lot of space. Before starting the update process, make sure you have enough space on your device.

5. Stable Internet Connection:

Make sure you are connected to a stable and fast Wi-Fi network, as the updates may be large.

6. Battery Charging:

To avoid losing power during the update, make sure your device is charged to 50 percent or more or connected to a charger.

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7. Read Notes:

Before updating, read the release notes to learn about changes and new features.

8. Avoid instant updates:

If you don’t need the new features, you should wait a few days for the update. This allows other users to try the new version and report any problems.

Following these tips will help ensure a successful and trouble-free update process. Now, let’s take a closer look at what new features this update brings:

Features of the new update

1 – Personal voice

One of the most important additions in this update is the Personal Voice feature, as it allows users to create sentences using their personal voice. You can prepare for this feature by reading a few sentences for 15 minutes so that the computer recognizes your voice. Once done, any text you type can be converted into speech in your personal voice, making communication more personal and unique.

2- Mental health

The Health app update brings with it a new section dedicated to mental health. In this section, users can regularly record their psychological and mood states, documenting the factors and people that influence them. The app analyzes this data and evaluates your psychological state, which helps predict potential psychological challenges and provides helpful advice.

Useful feature to know your friend’s location (Apple)

3- Check-in feature

The check-in feature in iMessage provides a useful way to keep track of your location and destination, a particularly useful tool if you have children or younger siblings. With this feature, you can easily share your current location and destination, and provide updates if you’re delayed or stuck for a while.

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Creating stickers has become easier and faster in the new system (Apple).


The Stickers feature in iOS 17 offers the ability to create custom stickers from photos and add various visual effects. Turn any person or object in a photo into a sticker and use it in your chats, posts, and any other app.

Voice messages can be converted to written text without opening Audio (Apple).

5- iMessage improvements

The messaging app has seen significant improvements. The most important of these improvements is the improved search function within messages, where the user can easily access the first unread messages in any conversation. To increase communication efficiency, the feature of directly replying to a specific message has been added by dragging it to the left side, which makes interactions within conversations smooth and accurate, and the possibility of converting voice messages into written texts without the need. Open the audio clip.

6- Customize contacts and call screen

iOS 17 gives you the ability to customize your personal account and contacts with a photo, Memoji, or emojis. You can also customize the background of the call to further customize the calling experience.

“Widgets” in the new system now interact with commands and touch (Apple)

8- “Widgets”

In this update, Apple introduces a new type of interactive “widgets” where you can click on certain “widgets” to execute specific commands without having to enter the application designated for the “widgets”.

9- Control settings from search

With the search feature, you can now search for specific settings like “WIFI” or “Bluetooth” and enable or disable them directly from the search results.

You can now download Apple Maps and use it without internet (Apple)

10- Maps without internet

This feature lets you download some maps for use without an internet connection, making navigation easier in areas where internet service isn’t available.

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11- Assistant “SIRI”

Minor updates to the SIRI Assistant allow users to call SIRI by name and request multiple things at once.

“Animation” and performance improvements in the “AirDrop” feature and it now supports transferring your contact to others (Apple)

12- “Air Drop”

New updates to the “AirDrop” feature make the process of sharing files easier and faster, and you can share your contact with anyone else by bringing your device closer to the other device.

New feature allows users to view selected information while charging (Apple)

13- “Standby Mode”

“Standby Mode” is a new feature in “iOS 17” that allows users to clearly see selected information when the iPhone is placed horizontally while charging. Users can view clock, photos and various widgets. Displayed content can be customized through settings.

14- Compatible devices and release dates

Apple has confirmed the following list of iPhones that will receive the iOS 17 update:

– All iPhone 14 and 15 phones.

– iPhone 13 phones.

– All versions of “iPhone 12”.

– “iPhone 11” (all versions).

– “iPhone XS”, “iPhone Xs Max” and “iPhone XR”.

– “iPhone SE” (second generation and later versions such as iPhone SE 2022).

As for the release dates, the official version of “iOS 17” will be launched today, September 18, 2023, after eight PM, Mecca time.

iOS 17 update is a new step by Apple towards providing better and personalized user experience. With various new features and improvements, this update is expected to be one of the most exciting updates from Apple in recent years.

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Report: The Elder Scrolls VI will surpass PS5 and arrive by 2026



Report: The Elder Scrolls VI will surpass PS5 and arrive by 2026

By Mounis Hawass

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 05:00 AM

A recent report revealed that The Elder Scrolls VI won’t be released for a few years, and won’t be coming to the PlayStation. According to a new chart produced by Microsoft for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there is no next Elder Scrolls game. It’s expected to be released at least until 2026, which is… what Microsoft’s lawyer mentioned in the court case.

Like Bethesda’s most recent games — Starfield and Redfall — it will be available on both PC and Xbox at launch, The Verge reported.

Xbox president Phil Spencer said: “For this to be on Xbox, I want us to be able to deliver the full game, the complete set of what we have, and when I think about The Elder Scrolls VI, that’s certainly true.”

The Elder Scrolls VI was first released in 2018, yet we haven’t heard much about Bethesda’s upcoming fantasy adventure. It is expected to be exclusive to Microsoft platforms, although the company has not confirmed it; In the past year”.

As part of the same FTC lawsuit against Microsoft, Bethesda’s next three games will be exclusive, and include Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI, and the upcoming Indiana Jones game.

The revelation is part of a batch of new details released from the case today, including Microsoft’s plans to stream cloud gaming on PC, Activision’s presentation of Blizzard on the next Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s reaction to the PS5 announcement.

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