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Research on mobile phone, its advantages and disadvantages


Research on mobile phone, its advantages and disadvantages, The mobile phone has become a big part of people’s lives all over the world as the tremendous growth that the world has seen has made it an indispensable and indispensable thing in our lives until it is in everyone’s hands. Old or older. Or small, certainly there are many advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone and we will know about the mobile phone and its consequent advantages and disadvantages in a thorough research on the content website.

Introduction to Cell Phone Research

Mobile phones have become one of the most important electronic devices in the current era, they have made the world a small village and you can communicate with anyone around the world through your mobile phone, which has enhanced the value and importance of mobile phones. In this world. But despite the great advantages that mobile phones have; However, having this phone in their hands has many disadvantages that can cause bad behavior or big problems for people. In fact, many minorities attack this technological development that the world has achieved in mobile phones, and they believe. It can be a major reason for the breakdown of relationships between people in the future.

Find the mobile phone

Researching on mobile phones requires scientific knowledge of the writing process and the rules to follow in reading written text to achieve the best form, in addition to the importance of knowing the research topic on mobile phones for accessibility. Need to know the necessary information about the advantages and disadvantages of the phone and all its details. Benefit from the information available in scientific journals and follow the technological developments in the field to achieve the desired goal. The goal is to bring you documented and robust scientific research that can explain all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. .

Definition of mobile phone

A mobile phone is a technological device through which voice calls and text messages are sent and received from all parts of the world, that is, it is a secure communication device that allows you to communicate and communicate with the outside world. The world has become a village for all the people around you to check them and know their messages. With the huge growth the world has seen in the field of small and smart phones, the process of communication has become easier and faster, it is even possible to make video calls to see the other party, talk to him in voice and video, and modern internet. Networks have added to this, which has made the process of communication between people easier, especially with the advent of social networking applications that have made this easier.

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Mobile release date

In 1876 AD, a patent was registered in the name of a scientist named “Alexander Graham Bell” for the mobile phone industry, but historically it is “Antonio” who came up with the idea of ​​inventing the communication device. Meucci” in 1854 AD, but according to sources, Meucci did not complete his invention and failed in it, so he came and Graham Bell succeeded in completing the manufacturing process, thus he gets the patent for the invention. But the greatest credit goes to Martin Cooper, an American researcher who developed this theory and made the first mobile phone to perform wireless communication in 1973, and later the mobile phone and the mobile phone. Installing a smartphone, the first version of which came from IBM. In 1992 AD As for the first mobile smart phone, it was manufactured by Nokia in 1996 and from there it spread to all parts of the world.

Advantages of mobile phone

The mobile phone has many advantages, it is important in our daily life, adults or children, because it makes many tasks easier today. Among the most important advantages of a mobile phone are the following:

  • Communicating with People: A mobile phone allows communication between family, friends or people from all over the world through video calls, voice calls or text messages.
  • Recreation and Entertainment: The mobile phone provides many games and entertainment applications which help the students to enjoy themselves using such things.
  • Media Services: With your mobile phone, you can know all the news about your surroundings and the outside world and share it with people in different areas.
  • Practicing Hobbies: With a mobile phone, you can practice your favorite hobbies of designing, drawing, playing, playing, singing or other hobbies.
  • Storage and Protection of Information and Data: A mobile phone has a huge storage capacity that allows you to store all your data, information and files and retrieve them whenever you want.
  • Business Management: You can manage all your work and communicate with customers or employees anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone.
  • Game Play: The mobile phone helps you in the exercise process by determining the exercises you do, calories, steps and other things.
  • Study: You can complete your studies electronically from your mobile phone and review all your lessons.
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Mobile phone damage

Like the many benefits that mobile phones provide us in our lives; But there are many harms that many things can cause to individuals in various situations, and among the most important harms related to mobile phones are the following:

  • Lack of Communication: Human contact has become rarer and almost non-existent due to mobile phones, which has contributed to the reduction of physical contact between people. Communication or messages of reassurance have become an alternative to going to individual people and potentially tearing them apart. Apart from social structure in the future.
  • Radiations: Despite the tremendous growth in the mobile phone industry; However, this development causes great harm because the phone transmits radiation that is harmful to the body and may cause many diseases in the future, the main of which is cancer, poor eyesight and others.
  • addict Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to addiction, which worsens the relationship between individuals, and leads to the destruction and breakdown of family relationships.
  • Wasting time: Sitting on a mobile phone for long periods of time is a reckless waste of time and can cause many losses to a human being.
  • Car Accidents: Many traffic accidents occur daily in different parts of the world due to the use of mobile phones while driving, which can endanger both pedestrians and motorists.
  • Privacy Violation: It is possible to hack these phones and violate the privacy and information of others, which can cause disasters due to this matter.

Stages of Mobile Development

The mobile phone has undergone many advancements in the world and it has become the most important technological device in different times. Below we present the most important stages of mobile phone development in the world:

  • The prototype of mobile phone was invented by scientist Graham Bell in 1876 AD.
  • Invention of the wall-mounted telephone in 1882 AD.
  • 1919 AD Invention of the telephone that calls the requested number directly without the need for a calling adapter.
  • In 1928 AD the invention of the fully portable telephone.
  • In 1937 AD the invention of the telephone equipped with a whistle when a call is received.
  • Invention of push-button telephone and distribution with number wheel in 1973 AD.
  • In 1973, Martin Cooper invented wireless mobile phones.
  • In 1992, IBM invented the first smart phone.
  • In 1996 Nokia Mobile Phone Company was established.
  • In 2007 the first generation Apple iPhone was invented.
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Tips for using a mobile phone

There are many tips to follow while using a mobile phone so that the application process is safe and no error occurs which could harm the owner of the phone. Here are the most important tips for using a mobile phone:

  • Do not share personal information with anyone.
  • Use a strong mobile phone password.
  • Download safe apps and software.
  • Do not open suspicious links.
  • Use antivirus applications.
  • Close apps when you’re done using them.
  • Delete unused files from memory.
  • Connect accounts to your email.

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