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Review and Rating of Song of Nunu: Melody of Frost!


Inside one of the world's most adventurous “League of Legends”, now presents its characters in independent titles With cooperation Third party studios, Bring it to us The story of “Nnu” is one of them “LoL” themed World Champions Nunu's song

“Nunu's Song” is the sixth title in publisher Riot Forge's project that reintroduces “League of Legends” characters with independent stories. The first topics adopted were three-dimensional. Are we seeing a new release for upcoming Riot Games projects?

Developer: Tequila works. Publishers: Riot Borg. Game Classification: Adventures, Puzzles, Indie. Sites: (PC) (PS5) (PS4) (Xbox Series S|X) (Xbox One) (Switch).
Release Date: 1-Nov-2023. Release Price: $29.99 Playing time: ~7 hours. Review copy: (PC)

| Autobiography |

The title “Nunu's Song” was created by the passionate studio “Tequila Works”, famous for its previous works such as “Rhyme” and “Guilt” … before assigning the task of creating one to League. Titles of Puranas.

| story |

The story tells about a boy named “Nunu” who lost his mother in an accident that hit his homeland, then he meets the last creature of the “Etti” race called “Wilmph” and takes off with him. “Heart of the Blue”… which would later lead him to his missing mother.

The story consists of a series of events that take you to different parts of the world of “League of Legends”, along with interviews with many characters from the world, guiding you on the right path. However, on the other hand, there will be many encounters with other characters that don't add any “story value” to its events…despite their presentation to make them feel important!

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However, they are quickly moved to another scene unnoticed, and these characters shift from the past without adding any trace to its events! It's a shame for the “director quality” that these characters don't have the use of context to better connect their events to the underlying story.

“Spend some time with the lol character 'Baram'.”
  • Excellent art direction, graphics to rival TV work.
  • A great introduction to League of Legends characters.
  • Good audio performance.
  • A superficial story with poor acting quality.
  • An uneasy connection between events and their characters.

| style of play |

“Nunu's Song” offered a varied and refreshing play style. With good puzzles and soothing music choices throughout the journey, it makes for a fun and light experience that's perfect for an atmosphere far from the noise after a stressful day.

The variety of ideas presented in “Nunu's Song” reflect the passion “Tequila Works” wants to create in its titles… However, this time it took a different turn, resulting in a problem with the good use of “core” skills instead of introducing new ones. Just for the purpose of killing boredom.

For example, the “musical melodies” skill should occupy a large place in the game and puzzle solving … It is considered the basic skill that distinguishes “Nu” from all the characters. However, it wasn't enough to focus on it, and it was presented “on equal footing” with side skills like throwing snowballs!

“Crash Bandicoot-Style 'VOLIBEAR' Clash”
  • A varied game with good variety of ideas.
  • A smooth transition between “nunu” and “bow” despite the limitations.
  • Fun side events.

This review is based on: 100% completion rate for main missions with multiple surveys and side events completed.

Good – 7.5



Developer “Tequila Works” is a good choice in working on one of the titles derived from League of Legends…using its characters with its story.

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