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Harvest 2023… the makeup colors that dominated the fashion world all year long


A group of makeup colors dominated the fashion world in 2023 and include:
Brown makeup colors in different shades
Espresso makeup, latte makeup and classic smokey makeup are all makeup styles based on shades of brown. They become more popular in 2023 and will continue to be so in 2024. We have seen caramel brown, honey brown, espresso brown, light brown, reddish brown and dark brown eyeshadows making it to the list of makeup styles followed by women in 2023. These shades are compatible. Different skin tones, and give women a warm and elegant look.
In this context, you should try using espresso makeup. Shine with the hottest and most popular trends of winter 2024.

Purple makeup colors
Violet, in its different shades, light and dark, occupied the list of accepted colors in makeup styles, starting with light violet eye makeup, to dark violet smoky makeup and violet eyeliner designs, to lipstick in different shades of violet. . Many stars and fashionistas have shone on the red carpet or in their everyday looks.

Pink makeup colors
Pink was one of the most popular and popular makeup colors in 2023, as vivid blush dominated the cheeks of models at fashion weeks, stars on the red carpet, and women's cheeks at events and evening events. It topped the list of makeup trends for 2023. In addition to soft matte pink eye makeup, pink shimmer and strong, glossy pink eye makeup, not forgetting lipstick in light and dark shades of pink, matte and glossy.

Red makeup colors
Be it makeup, hair or clothing colors, red is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and timeless colors that are very popular among women. In 2023, red lipstick is the most popular makeup trend, which is accepted at all times: at work, at the sports club, at evening parties and at various events, not forgetting red eyeliner and eye shadow in light shades of red. .

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Light makeup colors
In 2023, pastel colors emerged widely and prominently. It was used in make-up for eyes, lips and cheeks, in different shapes and styles, starting with fairy make-up, through soft pastel eyeliner drawings, to lip make-up in various pastel colors, especially pink, peach, purple and blue. . Pastel colors played a huge role in the makeup trends dominating in 2023.

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