March 30, 2023

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Review of Elon Musk's Person of the Year

Review of Elon Musk’s Person of the Year

Musk was named Person of the Year by both companies (Dio Wargo / Getty).

Time magazine criticizes Tesla for choosing billionaire director of SpaceX Elon MuskDue to his stance on taxes, his opposition to the unions and his underestimation of Corona’s risks, he is the best person of 2021.

This was described by a newspaper “Time” He was “a clown, a genius, an inspiration, a visionary, a businessman and a showman.”

He cited the expansion of Muskin’s efforts, from the founding of “SpaceX” in 2002 to his contribution to the alternative energy company “Solar City” through the world’s most valuable car company. “Tesla”.

Time saves Elon Musk’s selection

The magazine emphasized that the annual recognition it provided was not an award, but rather “the recognition of the person who had the greatest impact, good or bad, on the events of the year.”

The title has previously been given to Ebola and popes and health workersGreta Dunberg And Hitler and Stalin got it twice.

The anger of the “time”

But the newspaper says the choice has drawn strong criticism in the United States “Defender”Musk is considered a controversial figure because of his stance on taxes and his opposition to the “millionaire tax” put forward by some.

He, along with other notable rich, paid only small tax rates between 2014 and 2018, compared with a large increase of 3.27% in his total wealth.

And U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren called on U.S. tax law reformers via Twitter to “make sure the best person of the year actually pays taxes.”

Robert Reich, the Clinton administration’s Labor secretary, said the announcement was a good time to remind people that “employees threatened to illegally withdraw stock options if they joined a union.”

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In a series of tweets, Musk sparked controversy by underestimating the risks of the corona virus in 2020, and initially opened his Northern California factory, then stopped production.

Author Kurt Eisenwald called Musk’s move “the worst option ever.”

The Times also noted Musk’s influence in controlling the army of loyal followers (and investors). Social media.

The Financial Times follows in the footsteps of time.

At the forefront of the Financial Times, Time magazine selected Elon Musk as the Person of the Year and praised his work in transforming the electric car industry.

The newspaper editor quoted Rolla CalfIn his column, Musk called him an “industrialist” in the industry for proving that electric vehicles can replace cars running on gasoline.

“For a long time, the rest of the automakers called me Tesla idiots and fraudsters,” Musk was quoted as saying in an interview.

He continued, “They will say so Electric cars It will not work and you will not be able to reach the limit and performance. Even if I do, no one will buy it.

Galaf added, “Despite all his childish grotesque and exciting tweets, he’s one of the most transformative business people of the era. That’s why the Financial Times has named him the best person of 2021.”