March 27, 2023

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Video of Yasmin Abdel Aziz's brother resolving the controversy of their story and wishing Ahmed Al-Awadi a happy birthday

Video of Yasmin Abdel Aziz’s brother resolving the controversy of their story and wishing Ahmed Al-Awadi a happy birthday

Vel Abdel Aziz, the brother of Egyptian star Yasmin Abdel Aziz, decided to resolve the dispute over the existence of differences between him and his sister and her husband, and the star Ahmed al-Awadi, especially after his name. When he arrived as a guest on the show “With You”, he was not mentioned among those who supported him in his recent illness crisis.

Yasmin Abdel Aziz’s brother resolves the controversy over the story of their dispute

Wel Abdel Aziz, in a statement on the show “ET Arab”, revealed that there is no difference between him and his sister at the moment, and that they are always subject to rumors, and he said about the latest news about his return. Conflict between him and his sister Yasmin: I and my brain wish her happiness has been spreading to us for a long time. “

Wel Abdel Aziz congratulated Ahmad Al-Awadi on his birthday

Wel Abdel Aziz was eager to congratulate his sister’s husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, on his birthday, which coincided with December 12, and he said: “Every year he is fine and I hope to see him. He is the broken star of the world. ” He sent a message to his sister.

Vail Abdel Aziz has sparked controversy following the showing of his sister’s episode on the show “With You” over the past few days, and commented that his sister Yasmin Abdel Aziz did not mention her name on the list of people who support her. During her long illness she stood next to him in the hospital and released a picture of him from inside the hospital where Yasmin was lying, indicating that she was permanently by his side in that crisis.

Wel Abdel Aziz commented on his first media appearance after his sister fell ill

At the time, Vel Abdel Aziz commented on the photo, saying, “He’s been in the hospital for a whole month, it’s not a bar. I do not care. She praised her first appearance in the media with her husband, avoiding the tragedy of the disease.

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Commenting on the love and humor that emerged between Ahmad al-Awadi and Yasmin Abdel Aziz, Vel Abdel Aziz said: “The sweet chapter and chemistry are sweet. May God make you happy.” With her, she praised her attitude towards her sister and her husband.

Images from the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Yasmin Abdel Aziz and her brother