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Review Redfall in the new pre-release trailer


In preparation for its launch next May 2nd, Bethesda has released a new promo previewing Redfall, its world and its characters between cinematic and in-game scenes. Shooting games and vampires come from us Organ Studio The same developer behind great games like Deathloop and Dishonored.

In the new presentation, we take a closer look at the Redfall Island map, which is not small, as it includes six main locations, a fire station, a theater, a lighthouse and various locations in the game’s open world. In the promo, we also see footage of several game environments between night and day environments, wild and coastal environments, and from what we’ve seen Redfall Island seems to offer a variety of gaming environments.

On top of that we see some powerful vampires who may be the bosses of the game. I have to say, the design of these bosses is beautiful and I can’t wait to fight them!

The presentation gave a quick review of the weapons, abilities of each of the four characters, the protagonists of the game, the selectable characters before starting the game and ending the story with the chosen character.

Redfall is a first-person shooter where the player has to face vampires on the island of Redfall, cut off from the rest of the world. Play solo or co-op with up to 4 players online.

Redfall will be released on May 2nd on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms. It will also be available to Game Pass subscribers from day one, and will be supported by an official Arabic translation at launch.

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