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Roderick Suleiman: A good text is my first choice


Beirut: Hiam al-Sayed

Lebanese actor Roderick Sulaiman is keen to diversify his artistic experiences on the big and small screens and on stage if he gets a good script and a role that is compatible with his beliefs. He will continue to present many performances of his new theatrical works in Lebanon and abroad. He will soon start shooting for his new movie, along with reading new dramas after his recent apology. Works due to lack of time and commitment to devote himself to his theatrical work.

  • Theater is the first and preferred choice of most actors compared to cinema and television. Is it the same for you?

Theater is the best choice for an actor, but sometimes there are weak drama scripts, in which case theater is not the first choice. So, as an actor, I can say that a good script is the first choice. Be it theatre, cinema or television, in the light of development, what cinema and television drama is witnessing, especially with the presence of stage and short scripts, that is, even when it comes to cinema, a good script is my first choice. , theater or television.

  • How do you talk about the play you presented in France?

The play, entitled “Ordaly,” was very attractive, and the demand for it was great, and the theaters were filled with spectators at all performances, whether at Lyons, Montpellier, or Albie. The French audience listened, accepted and interacted with us as we discovered what Lebanon went through 100 years ago to today. In every show, it's a beautiful and positive thing and confirms that our hard work is not in vain. I am very happy with this theatrical experience and I am happy that we are showing it in Europe and hopefully we will show it soon in Beirut under the title “Twilight”.

  • What are the reasons behind the delay in the shooting of your new film?
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We were supposed to start shooting the film at the beginning of last October, but due to the Gaza war, it was decided to postpone the shooting, because the shooting was to take place in southern Lebanon. The film is socio-political in nature, and is distinguished by its beautiful, wonderful, text, but I cannot go into it. My role is new and I haven't done anything like that before and I hope it's a process of preparing for the shoot. We will be back soon and it can be implemented.

  • What are your plans for next year?

Next February I will show the play in Vence, France, at the end of next April in Barcelona, ​​in May in Paris, and in the middle of the same month in the South. A film from France.I will also start the shooting of the postponed film if the situation permits.I am in the process of reading some texts, if I get the text and time I will agree, I am waiting to see what the future holds.

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