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Rukaya is suffering from cancer and needs 22.3 thousand dirhams


Ruqayya (66-year-old Pakistani) is suffering from breast cancer, the disease is developing complications and she needs emergency eye surgery, which costs 22,392 dirhams at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, but the insurance covers the costs of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sessions only, does not cover the cost of surgery.

The patient’s daughter appealed to the attendants and white hands to lend her a helping hand and get the money required for the surgery so that her mother’s condition does not deteriorate further and she loses her sight.

The daughter said that she lost her father in 2009 and became the sole breadwinner for her mother and siblings as he worked in a private company for a salary of Dh8,000. Household needs and basic needs in terms of food and drink.

He added: “In 2011, my mother felt swelling and swelling in her right breast, discharge from the breast, severe itching, crusted sores and a rash around the breast, so we took her to a private hospital in Sharjah. The doctor examined her, conducted tests and analysis and recommended her transfer to Tawam Hospital to confirm her health.

And she continued: “We immediately took her to the emergency department at Tawam Hospital, and all the laboratory tests and analyzes came back, the tests and X-ray results revealed the presence of breast cancer. From then on, her condition began to deteriorate, and the life of the entire family turned upside down.

The daughter said: “My mother received treatment sessions for 30 days until my condition improved, so her doctor made a treatment plan for her, starting with radiation and chemotherapy sessions for a fixed period according to the body’s response to treatment. Health insurance covers the costs of the sessions, medications and prescriptions you need to control the disease. As a result of her constant need to be near her and my eagerness to take her to her scheduled therapy sessions and give her medication on time, I had to quit my job and devote myself to caregiving. During her illness.

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And they continued: “At the beginning of this year, my mother began to complain of side effects, which worsened her psychological condition, such as dental problems, loss of taste and hearing, and caused her to develop osteoporosis, difficulty in digestion, deafness, and dark eyes.

“I took her to Tawam Hospital and after the oncologist examined her condition and transferred her to the ophthalmology department, he assured us of the need for emergency eye surgery to prevent her from losing her sight completely.”

He explained that the current problem was the lack of source of income to save his mother from blindness as she stopped working.

Stating that her only concern now is to meet the cost of her mother’s surgery, she said she tried to borrow money from some friends, but she could not do it.

The daughter appealed to benevolent people to lend her a helping hand and help save her mother’s sight.

The insurance covers the costs of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions and does not cover the cost of surgery.

The daughter’s problem is that since she stopped working, she has no source of income to save her mother from blindness.

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