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Running with two bare feet is strange.. 8 tips to improve memory, summary of 10 studies


According to the results of 10 psychological studies… very simple activities can strengthen all kinds of memory

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Scientists have discovered many methods and treatments that help improve all kinds of memory, but the strangest and most surprising of them is mentioned in an article written by a PhD in psychology and founder of PsyBlog. In a review of scientific research in psychology since 2004, he summarized the results of 10 studies in psychology on ways to support and strengthen memory as follows:

1. Drawing

Research has found that drawing pictures of words and objects helps create stronger and more reliable memories. The results of a study revealed that the quality of graphics doesn’t matter, indicating that everyone can benefit from the technology regardless of their artistic ability.

2. Close your eyes

A study found that actually closing your eyes can help stimulate memory. For example, an eyewitness to a crime remembers twice as many details using this method.

3. Imagine how you communicate

A psychological study found that imagining how things relate to you can improve recall. This study tested people with memory problems and people without memory problems and found that it helped both.

The results showed that self-imagination was the most effective strategy for people whether they had memory problems or not. The self-imagining technique triples what one remembers.

4. 40-second rehearsal

A study found that rehearsing a memory for 40 seconds is key to long-lasting memory. Psychologists have found that the same area of ​​the brain, particularly the posterior cingulate, is damaged in Alzheimer’s patients when rehearsing a memory. Brain scans revealed that people can remember more when watching and exercising.

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5. Running barefoot

Studies have shown that running barefoot can improve memory compared to running in shoes. The benefits come from the extra demands placed on the brain when running barefoot. For example, barefoot runners should avoid pebbles and anything else that could injure their feet. The study tested “working memory,” which is what the brain uses to recall and process information.

6. Signature

Research has found that typing by hand improves memory better than typing on a physical or virtual keyboard. The kinesthetic feedback that comes from the process of writing with the tactile sensation of paper and pen aids learning. Areas of the brain essential for language are most strongly activated by these physical activities.

7. Weight lifting

Studies have shown that an exercise session with weights can immediately increase long-term memory by about 20%. Although aerobic exercise has been scientifically proven to improve memory, this study looked at the effects of relatively low levels of resistance training. The researchers suggested that because weight training provides a hard state, memories, especially emotional ones, become more stable afterwards.

8. Childhood activities

A study suggests that climbing a tree can increase working memory by 50%. The same goes for other dynamic activities, such as balancing on a beam, carrying improper weights, and going around obstacles. “Improving working memory has benefits in many areas of our lives, and it’s exciting to see that emotionally stimulating activities can improve it in the short term,” said Dr. Tracy Alloway. study

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