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Russia has released the names of US officials involved in biological operations in Ukraine


The Russian Defense Ministry has released documents alleging that the Pentagon is conducting military biological operations in Ukraine, and has accused the commander of the Russian military’s radiology, chemical and biological defense forces of funding the Pentagon’s son of US President Joe Biden.

  • Igor Kirillov, Commander of the Russian Army Radiology, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces

Russia’s Defense Ministry has released documents confirming US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s involvement in military biological activities, which Russia accuses of training in Ukraine.

“Moscow has previously released documents confirming the involvement of the Rosmond Seneca Investment Fund, led by Hunter Biden, in funding military biological operations specified in Ukraine,” said Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian military’s Radiology, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces. A press conference on Thursday.

Girillov announced that the Russian Defense Ministry had released a new set of documents: “You are the son of the current President of the United States.

A Russian military official said, “The Western media has confirmed the credibility of this information.” Black and Weach and Metabolism “.

“Today, we can reveal the names of officials involved in the development of components for biological weapons in Ukraine,” he said.

Kirillov pointed out among them: Robert Pope took the initiative to create stocks of high-risk microorganisms in Kiev. And Jonah Vintrol oversee the coordination of the Pentagon’s military biological programs in this country and the selection of personnel for them. Lance Lipinkot, director of the Ukrainian branch of Black & Wich, was the chief communications officer of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Health. The company has been working for the Pentagon since 2008 as part of plans to study dangerous pathogens.

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In addition to Mary Guttierez, a representative of Metabiota in Ukraine and a trusted member of Hunter Biden, Mary Guttierre and Scott Thornton are responsible for overseeing the modernization of biological laboratories in Ukraine and providing consulting services.

“These reports indicate that the Pentagon’s real goals in Ukraine are far from scientific research,” he said.

The deputy chief of staff of the Russian military’s radioactive, chemical and biological defense force, Metabiota, said in a statement: “His activities are aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia.”

The State Duma’s Russian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry is exploring the possibility of inviting US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Hunter Biden to testify about biological laboratories in Ukraine.

According to public information reported by foreign and Russian sources, one of the group’s top priorities is to call on U.S. officials to clarify who has the knowledge, understanding and involvement in the issue.

On March 7, the Russian Defense Ministry unveiled the formation Network of about 30 biological laboratories In Ukraine, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) and Washington “have spent more than $ 200 million on the work of biological laboratories in Ukraine.”

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, had previously revealed documents and evidence during a thorough investigation. Consequences of a military biological project being implemented in Ukraine with funding from the US Department of DefenseKiev also “covered up the consequences of a military biological project implemented in Ukraine and funded by the Pentagon.”

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