April 1, 2023

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علماء الفلك الروس يلتقطون صورا فوتوجرافية واضحة لثقب أسود مزدوج

Russian astronomers take clear photos of the double black hole

The first photographs of black hole OJ287 emissions taken by the Russian “Radio Astron” laboratory confirmed the dual nature of this cosmic space object.

Russian scientists have clarified that magnetic fields play an important role in shaping the streams of matter emitted by black holes.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Moscow Institute of Physical Technologies, and the article was published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Yuri Kovalov, one of the authors and researcher of the article, said: “We do not observe the internal components of the dual black hole so clearly. Analysis of the photographs shows that the plasma stream is strongly curved, confirming the existence of another very large black hole.”

OJ287, the giant black hole that will reach Earth in 5 billion years, is located in one of the galaxies in the Cancer galaxy, and this cosmic body has long attracted the attention of scientists as its brightness continues to decrease. , Then increases.

Scientists believe that these fluctuations are related to another large black hole, which approaches OJ287 every 12 years and passes through a disk of gas and dust around it, leading to severe irritation.

According to Kovalev, the existence of a mate for OJ287 was of interest to black hole astronomers because it allows them to simultaneously measure the masses of two giant black holes, determine their rotational speeds, and estimate their magnitude. Absorbent.

Therefore, according to scientists, it is necessary to take new detailed photographs and prove the existence of two identical cosmic bodies in the center of the galaxy.

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