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European countries announce countdown to end “corona” restrictions


European countries have called for a different approach to dealing with the growing corona virus and its variants, at a time when record-breaking increases in the number of European countries have been recorded, from being considered a disease that can be prolonged from emergency mode. New infections, and German health officials expect the new wave of infections to peak next month.

Different approach

During the first waves of the epidemic, European countries adopted a three-month painful closure to control “Govt 19”, and while the move could lead to a moratorium on the movement of people, a halt to inspections, and a halt to the economy, the direct results are in favor of preventing the collapse of health systems and saving lives.

However, three European countries, Spain, its neighbors Portugal and the United Kingdom, have separately called for a new approach to controlling the virus, which, in conjunction with its transition and control from the emergency box to the normal disease mode such as influenza, is more likely to cause disease and more vulnerable groups. Intensive treatment is given.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sachez has called on the EU to adopt this new approach, particularly making it clear that the new mutant “Omicron” virus has become less dangerous. He added, “In the coming months and years, we must think without hesitation, and what science says: How to manage epidemics at different levels?” He added, “The changes at the end of the Omigron outbreak should not be successive, but we must act now to redraw the world after the epidemic.”

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However, the World Health Organization, over the past week, has stressed that it is too early to consider any drastic changes in the treatment of the disease.

Learn to live together

British Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Thursday that Britain needed to learn how to cope with the Covit-19 disease, which could last forever, and that Britain was ahead of other countries in removing government controls to control the virus. . “We have to learn to live with it,” Javed told Sky News. It is sad that people are dying from the flu, and it is sad that about 20,000 people could lose their lives in the worst years of the flu, but we have not completely shut down our country. “The Govt will not move,” he said. It will be with us for many years to come, perhaps forever, and we must learn to live with it … I think we are leading Europe in the transition from one epidemic to another, and leading others in showing the world. How to live with Govt. “

The next peak

According to German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, the number of corona virus infections in the country is expected to continue rising for several weeks before reaching a peak next month. In an interview with the second German television station “ZDF”, Lauterbach added that “although the current hospitalization rate is low, clinics are likely to see severe pressure in the coming weeks,” according to the percentage of people over the age of fifty. There are more people who have not been vaccinated. Clearly Germany has more European countries than Italy, Britain and other countries.

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Italy and Sweden

There were 192,320 new Covit-19 cases reported in Italy on Thursday, up from 228,179 the previous day, and the number of injured to date has reached 9.22 million, according to the Ministry of Health.

According to the Public Health Commission in Sweden, the number of daily cases in the country has reached a record 73,886 with the onset of the fourth wave of the epidemic in the country. With a population of 10.4 million, Sweden has reported 67 new deaths. , Yesterday, Thursday.

Omigron is spread among children and adolescents

Indian experts said the overall percentage of cases of children and adolescents affected by the Omigran variant is at risk compared to the delta variant. The incident in which 7 children died in Delhi from the 9th to the 12th of last month, children infected with other diseases were infected with HIV. Experts say that in general children have the best response to “Govit-19” infection, but it is definitely necessary to use it, taking into account some conclusions that the “Omicron” variant can lead to children with severe illness. They have all the shields to protect them from infection.

According to Dr. Yogesh Kumar Gupta, a pediatrician in Bangalore, the vaccine campaign for adolescents has recently begun as children are currently highly vulnerable and have not been vaccinated, and it is believed that the ‘Omigron’ variant avoids immunosuppression. Compared to the previous two waves, it weakens the ability of children and adolescents.

Unprecedented spread

The Pan American Health Organization reports that the rate of “govt-19” infections in the United States is rising, reaching a new record last week with 7.2 million new infections and more than 15,000 deaths. “The virus is spreading faster than ever,” WHO Director-General Carissa Etienne told a news conference. The number of hospitalized patients continues to increase in North America, the United States and Canada. The organization said the Caribbean region has been experiencing the largest increase in cases since the outbreak began.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced that 204854 new corona cases had been registered in the last 24 hours, breaking the previous record for the second day in a row. A further 338 deaths were reported. Thus, Brazil recorded 23 million and 416,748 injuries and 621,855 deaths.

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