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Russian soprano Anna Netrebko’s warm welcome during a controversial concert in Paris


Russian soprano Anna Netrepko stood and applauded at the Florm டிni de Paris, where she gave a concert and returned to the stage in the western capital after being criticized after the war in Ukraine.
When he came on stage on Wednesday evening the audience greeted him warmly and complimented him for long minutes.

The singer, who appeared to be smiling and comfortable in her long black and white dress, performed clips of works by Rashmaninov, Debussy or Tchaikovsky during the party, which ended with applause from the audience.

However, the Ukrainian embassy in France, for its part, condemned the hosting of the party in Paris on Twitter, describing it as “outrageous”.

“We are outraged at the stark contrast between the French public opinion mobilized to support Ukraine and the hypocrisy of the public who hastened to applaud the Kremlin’s Soprano,” the embassy wrote.

After the Moscow invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Netrebko, one of the world’s most important opera singers, was one of the first Russian artists to be criticized for not issuing any clear statement condemning the war.

The prestigious Metropolitan Opera in New York, which was the star of Netrefko, has indefinitely withdrawn from attending its concert. The singer later announced that he would be suspending concerts.

On March 30, the singer “openly condemned the war against Ukraine”, thus banning her from performing in her country.

Russian artists in their country are forced to promote patriotic positions in support of the current regime, or at least remain silent.

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As for the West, they are being asked to make public their opposition to Russian military action against Ukraine and their opposition to the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

The Sopranos did not publicly declare their support for Putin, but were accused of posing for a photo next to a banner of pro-Russian separatist rebels in St. Petersburg in December 2015 and offering a check for 1 million rubles ($ 15,500) to a pro-Russian. President of Ukraine Oleg Sarev.

Anna Netrebko defended herself, citing her desire to support the arts, especially the Donetsk Opera, which stopped funding Ukraine altogether. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, Russian sopranos reiterated that he was “not guilty of anything” and that his only mistake was not “inquiring further into Donbass’ condition.” Helping friends who are in trouble “.

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