March 31, 2023

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Russia’s speeches can be described as positive

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Tuesday that the signs of peace talks with Russia could be described as positive, but that they did not stop Russian missile explosions.

In a speech late at night, Zelensky warned of Russia’s commitment to drastically reduce its military operations in some areas and said Ukraine’s security efforts would not be curtailed.

Russia and Ukraine are holding peace talks at a palace in Istanbul. Zhelensky said Kiev found no reason to believe the words of some Russian representatives.

“We can say that the signals we receive from the talks are positive, but they will not stop the detonation of Russian bombs,” he said, adding that the positive outcome of the Ukraine talks can only be trusted.

Earlier, Russia promised to reduce military operations in the capital and north of Ukraine.

Despite the pledge, “the situation has not been easy … the Russian military is still better capable of carrying out attacks against our country,” Zhelensky said, “so we will not reduce our defensive efforts.”

Zhelensky reiterated that Russian forces must withdraw for the success of any peace agreement and that there would be no compromise on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He also called for tougher sanctions against Russia.


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