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Saad al-Jafri broke the silence for the first time after attacking Mohammed bin Salman and fleeing Saudi Arabia.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – For the first time, former Saudi security adviser Saad al-Jafri broke his silence after leaving Saudi Arabia in 2017, crowning Prince Mohammed bin Salman after Prince Mohammed. Then Naib.

Al-Jafri, in an interview with the US CBS news channel “60 Minutes”, attacked Prince Mohammed bin Salman, made several allegations and accused him of trying to send a group to Canada. Killing him and detaining his two sons Umar and Sarah in Saudi Arabia, he denied the allegations, that his kingdom was corrupt and fraudulent.

Al-Jabri said, “I received a warning not to approach any Saudi embassy building in Canada, not to go to the embassy or consulate. Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on October 2, 2018. Mohammed bin Salman “is afraid of the information I have” and continued, “I expect to be killed one day.”

Al-Jafri denied money laundering from Saudi Arabia, adding: “I have served the royal family closely for two decades, 3 kings and 4 crown princes. They were very kind and generous to me. .

In the interview, which aired on East Coast time Sunday evening, al-Jafri called for help to free his two sons from the state: “I urge the American people and the US administration to help save these children and restore their lives.”

“60 Minutes” presenter Scott Bailey said Chad “Al-Jafri had recorded a video revealing more secrets about the Saudi royal family and some” murders “in the United States.

The Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C., said in a statement to the “60 Minutes” program that al-Jafri was a notorious former government official who sought to cover up long-term fiction and distraction efforts and financial crimes worth billions of dollars to provide for himself and his family in vain. Confirmed.

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Al-Jafri did not deny his guilt in the Saudi statement, saying “the theft was acceptable at the time, but it was not acceptable or legal at the time, and not now,” CBS reported.

A few days after the assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoki, Saudi Crown Prince Saad al-Jafri in Washington, DC, accused him of sending “killers” from Saudi Arabia to Canada. “By members of the same team.” Meanwhile, Saudi officials have accused al-Jafri of corruption and have filed lawsuits against him in the United States and Canada.

Al-Jafri fled from Saudi Arabia to Turkey and then to Canada. Al-Jafri was considered a second-in-command of former Prince Mohammed bin Nayef’s, and the two strengthened close ties with U.S. intelligence officials who had worked together for many years. In the fight against terrorism, especially against Al Qaeda. After the September 11 attacks.

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