March 28, 2023

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Emirates Aluminum receives "Sponsorship Initiative" certification

Emirates Aluminum receives “Sponsorship Initiative” certification

Dubai: “Gulf”

Emirates Global Aluminum announced that the company, its Jebel Ali Smelter management, has received an aluminum sponsorship initiative for outstanding performance in the areas of environmental and social responsibility.

EGA was the first company in the Middle East to join the aluminum sponsorship initiative in 2017, and in 2019 became the first company in the Middle East to receive an aluminum sponsorship initiative through its facilities in Al Tawila. Since then, the company has continued to improve its performance in management, environmental and social responsibility, and has conducted training sessions to promote other companies in the UAE. Aluminum sponsorship attempt.

The Aluminum Spond is a group that brings together the largest international companies in the mining and foundry sectors, as well as “Apple”, “Nespresso” and other NGOs under the final umbrella, to significantly enhance the role of aluminum in creating a sustainable community.

Abdul Nasser bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, said: “We are proud to be re-accredited by Aluminum Sponsorship Initiative and Certificate of Sustainability for our Facilities at Jebel Ali. Acceptance is a testament to the commitment of the EGA.

He added: “At Emirates Global Aluminum, we feel that the production of aluminum, which integrates modern life, must be based on sustainable principles. It is important to produce aluminum in responsible ways in order to secure a sustainable future for future generations. . One of our most important values ​​is our strong corporate management, environmental and social responsibility performance and the positive impact on the communities in which we operate and our world.

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Fiona Solomon, CEO of Aluminum Sponsorship Initiative, said: “We congratulate EGA on achieving this certification for Jebel Ali operations. Aluminum smelter in Al Tawila is the first smelter company in the Gulf region to receive this certification since 2019, certified by the company’s two fuse management, environmental and social responsibility performance aluminum stewardship initiative. The company’s continued commitment to obtaining aluminum sponsorship initiative certificates underscores the company’s strong commitment to the principles of sustainability.