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Saad Lamjart’s first comment since his release… and key details from his attorney


Saad Lamjar with his wife after his release (Instagram)


Saad Lamjarret celebrates Eid al-Fitr with his family in France after being “temporarily” released from prison.

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After He was “temporarily” released from prison in FranceThe Moroccan artist Saad Lamjard wished his fans Eid al-Fitr by posting on his official account on “Instagram” a photo of him with his family and thanking everyone who supported him in his ordeal. .

“On Instagram” Lamjard said: “God, take away your worries and pains and replace them with joy and peace. God, Amen, I read your prayers and cried with great joy. World and hereafter. Forgive me for the sadness that you lived with me, even me, when you and I are one family. I want you to be happy.

And he added: “Glory be to God on Eid al-Fitr. My Lord wrote to be among my family and loved ones and gave me the opportunity to write you this word that comes from the heart. Friends, artists, journalists and journalists, God reward you for every kind word. May it be given, all love and appreciation, and I wish you success in your work and in your life.

And he ended his post: “The decision is made, this news is for my dear fans in all parts of the world. “I loved you in the past, I love you now, our love story will never end. , no matter what happens.” deeds and remove every suffering for you.. One last note, the matter is clear to all: I am now temporarily acquitted. I pray to almighty for acquittal in the appeal court. So I can finish this story and pass this divine exam, God. , no matter the circumstances, strengthen our faith and patience.

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And he said: “The bad news is that I now officially announce the release date of the new Moroccan clip “Ish Kabarak”, which is May 4, God willing. Composed, lyrics, distribution and mixing master, my brother, Ashiri and Habibi Jalal Al-Hamdawi .”

And he has On Thursday, artist Saad Lamjard left the prison walls in the French capital, ParisWhere has he been since late February after a French criminal court convicted him of raping a French woman and sentenced him to six years in prison? Capital, Paris.

According to information obtained by, the I came out only on temporary release It was submitted by his defense team.

In an exclusive interview with from Paris, French lawyer Jean-Marc Fadeda, Saad Lamjarred’s lawyer, confirmed the news that the Moroccan artist has been released without bail or financial guarantee and that he will not return to prison. sentence.

The case is ongoing, but Saad remains outside bars in France and if he is again asked to hear his statements by the French judiciary, he said he could travel if his residence is in France.

Saad Lamjard was released on condition that he wear a bracelet to track his movements and Lamjard’s lawyer denied reports that French authorities had seized his passport.

Saath Lamjarret was informed that Lamjarred will remain on release until the appeal stage, which is expected to start at the end of 2023.

According to an agreement with the French judiciary, Saad Lamjard will not speak to the press in any way.

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