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Saba Mubarak: I am against stereotypes and look for different characters


Arab artistes participating in the seminar “Know the Actor, Don’t Know the Character” organized by the Amman International Film Festival unanimously agreed that the sincerity of the actor is the biggest factor that connects the personality with the audience.
Also in the presence of festival director Nata Doumani, artists Sabah Mubarak, Tafar El Abidin, Carmen Leboz, George Qabas and Ashraf Barhoum participated in a seminar moderated by artist Ahmed Sorour.
The artist, Saba Mubarak, emphasized the importance of good preparation for the character and psychological study of the personality so that he can come out to the people in his fantasy image, adding, “I am against stereotyped characters, we should always look for different characters. Characters and new forms so that the artwork becomes a routine. It won’t change.”
The artist, Carmen Lebs, pointed out that the director has a great burden in cinema and theater to convey his idea to the artist, who turns it into an object of shaking hands with the audience, indicating that there is a great burden in the play. The artist has to explore and draw the character he presents in his imagination and put psychological dimensions to it, so it honestly reaches people.
Artist Tafar Al-Abidin, for his part, emphasized that the artist must find dimensions and backgrounds for the character that fit the story. The artist lives only one life and does not have all the experiences. It is very important for all sections of people. It should be accepted without bias.
The artist Jorge Capas pointed out that the characters that inspire him to accept are the ones in which internal conflicts rage, and here he describes the ability to surround the character with all its factors, create a form for it and identify its background. , honesty is an important factor in every character, the actor is the one who decides to lie honestly.
Actor Ashraf Barhum pointed out the need for the actor to seek the significance of the character he presents in his work, and said, “The artist’s awareness of dealing with the character appears through its context as represented in the story. He must innovate and innovate. Until he reaches the depth of the character that the story expresses.”
Notably, the Amman International Film Festival, in its third session under the banner First Film, will be held at the Taj Theatre.
(Petra) – Mahmud al-Khatib

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