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Sabah Fakhri abducted by Sahar al-Ghani .. “Mosque of the Mosque” (profile)


On Tuesday, at the age of 88, we mourned the passing of Sabah Fakhri, a Syrian artist who passed away and is a symbol of true music.

Born in Aleppo, Syria on May 2, 1933, Sabah al-Din Abu Qawz did not take a special approach to his life and planned to become a singer.

Morning fakri

Sabah Fakhri is considered a symbol of Arabic rap, where his singing skills began at a young age, but he met with fierce opposition from his father, a Sufi singer, and his mother, who was known for his strong religious affiliation.

In addition to his general studies, Fakhri joined the Arabic Music Academy in Aleppo and graduated from the Oriental Music Institute in 1949, handling the challenges he faced very intelligently.

He learned to read Muwasshahad, rhythms, poems, characters and oats. He was trained by prominent Arab musicians in Syria such as Sheikh Ali Darwish, Sheikh Omar al-Badsh, Majdi al-Akili, and Nadim Ibrahim al-Darwish. Muhammad Rajab, and Aziz Kannam.

Sufi Muse

Like many, “Fakhri” wanted to work as a servant, meet the necessities of life, in fact he was appointed a museen in the mosque, and after a while he realized that music was the way to go. His paths.

He decided to go to the people and sing professionally, and encouraged the Syrian leader to continue the journey by supporting “Fakhri al-Barudi”, who gave his name as “Sabah Fakhri” and asked to stay in Syria. No matter how much desire comes, do not emigrate abroad.

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Fakhri shone in all the theaters of the world and presented masterpieces in the lyrics: “O Hadi al-Is, Malik, O sweet Malik, O love wine, O my bird’s thera, above the palm trees, and Kathk al-Mayas, O money, and Muwasshad,” O shorty tunes, send me a reply, and oh sweet “.

Fakhri was a great success at all singing festivals, composing wonderful Arabic poems for poets such as “Abu al-Tayyib al-Mudanabi and Abi Fras al-Hamdani”, and he also composed for contemporary poets such as Fuad al-Yasji and Antoine Sharawi.


Fakhri was interested in documenting art folk tales characterized by Syrian Aleppo, and did not stand in the doorway of the song because he represented a group of cinematic films, including the film “The Great Valley” in which they starred. “The Trumps” movie before the late Warda al-Jazeri and Egyptian artist Mariam Fakr El-Din.

On the television screen, he participated in the series “Yesterday’s Nail” and presented the TV show “Asma Allah Al-Husna”.

This exceptional artist is distinguished by his presence on stage and his excellent interaction with the audience, so he became hugely popular in Europe, Asia and Australia, and he continued to record his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for 10 hours. Venezuela in 1968.

Positions and Awards

In 1998, Sabah Fakhri became a Member of Parliament representing artists in the Syrian People’s Assembly (Parliament), where he held several positions, including Captain of Syrian Artists, Vice President and Ambassador of the Arab Artists Association. Arabic song.

In his artistic career, Tarap won many awards and honors, including the Tunisian Cultural Medal in 1975, the Honorary Medal from the Sultan of Sultan Qaboos Bin Sai in 2000, and the Gold Medal at the Arabic Song Festival. Received the Order of Excellence for Best Class in Damascus in 1978, and in Damascus in 2007.

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One of the things that made him proud was that he was nominated to sing at the Nobel Peace Prize in Sweden and at the Palais des Congress in Paris, the capital of France.

After a long artistic career full of donations, Sabah Fakhri left our world, leaving behind a good reputation and unique artistic status that cannot be forgotten by the Arab listener, regardless of timeline and heirs. Years.

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