March 29, 2023

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Climate change: Meet the RPG "Ecobank" aimed at saving the planet

Climate change: Meet the RPG “Ecobank” aimed at saving the planet

  • Drew Miller Hyman
  • PB Och

The film was released, Olya Bosak (Raigad)

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“Ecobank” was formed in 2044, the soldiers are fighting to prolong the survival of the human race

When Liam Harvey begins to have anxiety attacks due to the climate crisis, he decides to find a way for others, like himself, to care about the environment. So, an autistic game designer has created an RPG that aims to save the planet, hoping that players will continue that fight in the real world.

Players gather around the desk and start playing Ecobank, accepting the role of characters who will see environmental disasters in 2044.

All you need to take part in this game is a book with various paths through which the game can go and sheets with details of each character, through which you can see what energy, skills and tools you have. You also need a lot of dice.

The designer of the game is Liam Harvey from Nanhead in south-east London, who has autism and was raised to think in the way he calls “political dissent”. He does not like the way the world works with “irrational” ideas that seem to be blindly accepted by others.