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SABIC makes the first product from recycled marine plastic


Cooperated with the Saudi Basic Industries AssociationCoaster“, With a company MicrosoftTo produce the first electronic consumer product (computer mouse) with exoskeleton containing 20% ​​of recycled plastic from oceans and waterways as part of the new trend of creating modern industries related to environment and sustainability.

According to a SABIC report yesterday, SABIC technicians have teamed up with Microsoft design team to determine the properties of recycled plastic adhesive that the technology company wants to use. Developed by SABIC, it generated 20% of the total ingredients for the exoskeleton of the product, while the target was only 10%.

SABIC wants to develop a new type of Genoese PC that will be one of the new product combinations and will be offered as part of the “Trucircle” package of products and services from “SABIC” for use in Microsoft products. , 20% of the plastic recycled from the oceans will be in this resin, each 1,000 tons 24 million 0.5 liter (single-use) plastic bottles are expected to be removed from the oceans, their waterways or nearby beaches.

Elastic circulation

Abdullah Al-Odaibi, General Manager, Engineering Thermoplastics and Marketing Solutions, SABIC, said the solution reflects the company’s success in overcoming the marine plastic recycling challenges that are losing many of its original properties due to exposure to sunlight and water. The collaboration with (Microsoft) marks a major development in the recycling of plastics and the production of high quality consumer electronics products that meet the high performance expectations of technology companies. In cleaning the world’s oceans.

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Value chain

Frank Guizpers, General Manager, SBIC Sustainability, said the inclusion of TruCircle products and services in the package was a positive result of establishing collaborative relationships across the value chain and working to deliver new value from used plastics. Durable materials

Circular economy

The collaboration is part of SABIC’s efforts to gain leadership among industry in producing plastic products from plastic waste stored in the oceans. The company delivers more durable products to customers and end consumers, giving them confidence in purchasing products that have been recycled and manufactured to help protect the planet.

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