March 21, 2023

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Graduates of the “Sharjah Youth” train their peers in the fields of the seventh art

Sharjah Youth, affiliated with the Rupee ‘Corn Foundation for Leaders and Innovators, has launched a workshop from “Scene to Film” within the “Cinema Arts” program to provide opportunities for renowned graduates to transfer into the “Cinema Arts” program. Until the age of 18, to ensure learning continuity and continuity, while testing their creativity in the field of training.

Presented by graduates of the Wasit Rise Center, writer and actor Ali Nabil Al-Amri and actor and film director Abdullah Muhammad Saleh, the workshop covered a number of key topics in various fields of the seventh art, including research and ideas. To cultivate them, the basics of script writing and how to write internal and external scenes. Writing characters and their descriptions according to time and place, events, and transforming the story into a detailed context and dialogue to turn the work into a visual film.

Participants learned about the types of films and their classifications, shooting angles, types of scenes, camera movement and director’s work. Selecting shooting locations.

Participants were trained on the basics of editing using Adobe Premiere and minimizing scenes and creating events and adding effects and soundtracks to a dramatic sequence of film.


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