March 20, 2023

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اخبار السعودية اليوم : سالم الحمد توقعت التتويج بجائزة بوليفارد المواهب

Salem Al Hamad is expected to receive the Boulevard Talent Award

Saudi news, Saudi news today: Salem Al-Hamad Boulevard is expected to be crowned with the Talent Award.

Saudi Arabian News Today, as part of the Riyadh season’s activities, as part of a competition that lasted about 5 months, young citizen Salem al-Hamad was crowned star for the Talent Boulevard that concluded yesterday, Sunday. Shown on the MBC channel.

The public chooses Salem al-Hamd

The Talent Boulevard show provided a great opportunity for many young talents in the world of singing to qualify for their own albums, after high professional training.

Four talents reached the final stage of the show, two talents from Hamdi Badrin’s team, two talents from Zainab Hassan and Badr Hakeem, and two talents from Hassan Talib’s team, Salem Al-Hamad and Aziz Mami.

In the final episode, al-Hamad sang two songs at the Boulevard Theater, the first being “The Gold Conditions” by Rashid al-Majeed, and the second, “Ya ibn al-Awadam” by Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

Strong competition

In an interview with “Good Morning Arabs” on MBC, Salem said: “I felt the taste of victory when I competed with my colleagues, they all had unique voices,” he said, expecting to win when he reached the finals. .

Salem Al-Hamad, 25, was born in 1997 in Saudi Arabia and works in accounting.

Meanwhile, Salem Taleb, the leader of the Salem Al-Hamad team, stressed that he was very confident of Salem’s talent, as well as his team of 5, and that Salem created a very beautiful fan base during the show. That is what gave him the benefit of the doubt.

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