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Salma Hayek Reveals Her Grandmother’s Secret To Maintaining Her Beauty At 56 Without Plastic Surgery! (video)


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HomelandSalma Hayek prioritizes her complexion, and the 56-year-old Hollywood star is sharing with fans the most important part of her self-care routine.

Golden mask

Salma Hayek admits her skincare routine is important when starting her day, but a delicious meal definitely comes first.

The actress was also pictured enjoying chicken soup while starting her beauty routine.

Salma says section: “Well, Chicken Soup, at the same time you put this golden mask on me.”

And he continued, “This is the first time I am wearing a golden mask. I wore a gold mask for the first time during room service because I was so hungry.

Salma can be seen lounging in her hotel room in pink pajamas, pouring soup and covering her face with a gold mask.

Mimosa tenuflora

Salma always takes care of her skin and she revealed her beauty secret during an interview earlier Elle.

Salma always takes care of her skin and previously revealed her beauty secret during an interview with Elle.

“I use one ingredient Mimosa tenuflora It is used in Mexico for burn victims because it rejuvenates the skin. No one in the US uses this ingredient except us.

Salma Hayek

And she continued: “Some of the stuff, when I took it to American labs, they were like, ‘Oh my God! How come no one uses this? .’

Salma Hayek explained to the crowd in 2015: “This is why there is no Botox, no peels, no fillers.”

Do not wash your face

A broadcaster had previously read a question received while hosting Salma Hayek, which read: “What’s her skincare routine, she’s in her fifties and still looks amazing.”

Salma jokingly replied: “What! I’m 41!.. No, I’m just kidding.”

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Salma then revealed the secret she kept from her grandmother for years, which has kept her skin looking so youthful despite the years.

“Grandma told me not to wash my skin in the morning,” she said. “Not awkward guys.”

Salma explained the technique of this action, that at night the skin produces the necessary oils to renew and protect its youth.

Dermatologist confirms

Salma Hayek gave her advice to girls: “So wash your skin well at night, but don’t wash it the same way in the morning.”

A dermatologist praised this and commented on Salma Hayek’s video.

Salma revealed a secret from her grandmother years ago that made her skin look so glowing

The doctor said: “I told you before about this method, because it is not necessary to wash the skin in the morning in the same way as at night. It is enough with water alone.”

He concluded: “This method helps maintain the skin barrier. It benefits the skin from natural oils secreted at night.

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