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It is believed to be extinct. A rare chameleon was found in the rainforests of Malawi



It is believed to be extinct. A rare chameleon was found in the rainforests of Malawi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A group of small chameleons thought to have become extinct due to deforestation have been discovered, but they survive.

The endangered Rhampholeon chapmanorum is just 5.5 centimeters long and belongs to the low-altitude rainforests of southern Malawi in southeastern Africa, according to an international study published in The Orix on Monday.

First described by herpetologist and author Colin Tilbury in 1992, Chapman’s Pygmy Chameleon is one of the rarest creatures in the world.

“Most of her skin is brown but she can change to a very beautiful blue-green color with small spots all over her body,” said Crystal Dole, research lead author and professor of research on National Biodiversity in South Africa. Report. Way of communicating with each other.

“Other chameleons may be frantic, whining, and biting, but Chapman’s pygmy chameleons are cute and beautiful.”

The study authors wrote that the risk of extinction of chameleons averaged more than 15%, with 34% of chameleon species classified as endangered and close to 18% endangered.

Most of the threatened species can only survive in a certain type of environment.

Survive through farm acquisitions

Chapman Pygmy chameleons walk on dead leaves on the forest floor and crawl into low bushes to sleep with them.Credit: Crystal Dolly

When Tilbury first described the dwarf chameleon in 1992, earlier researchers noted signs of significant deforestation in the Malawi Mountains, the authors of the current study wrote.

To protect the species from further damage, in 1998 37 pygmy chameleons were released in the Malawi Mountains, 95 km north of the town of Mykovi, Malawi.

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When evaluating the Tilbury launch site between 2001 and 2012, the chameleon was still there.

Because dwarf chameleons do not tolerate deformed areas and dole did not find dwarf chameleons during a related assessment mission in 2014, they were considered extinct, and their work led the International Union for Conservation of Nature to add the chameleon to its red list of endangered species. With destruction.

Using historical (1984-1985) and recent (2019) satellite imagery from the Google Earth and another geographic information system in the Malawi Mountains, the authors of the current study estimate that approximately 80% of the Malawi mountain forests were destroyed between 1984 and 2019.

Also in 2016, on the trails of three reefs in the forest, the study authors found and recorded chameleons using incandescent lights at night.

“The first thing we found was in the transition zone at the edge of the forest, where there are some trees, but mostly maize and cassava,” Dole said.

“When we found it, we had heartburn. We didn’t know if we could see it yet, but there were a lot of them when we entered the forest, but I don’t know how long it would last.”

The researchers found seven-year-old chameleons in the first forest in the Malawi Mountains and 10 chameleons within a site more than 6 km southwest of the first place; A further 21-year-old chameleons and 11 juveniles are within the area in Mykondi.

Dwarf chameleons still face threats

After clipping 2 millimeter-long tail segments from some adult chameleons, the authors performed genetic analysis.

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The researchers found that the genetic variation of chameleons was normal compared to other chameleons and small body reptile species, but there were significant differences in genetic makeup between groups in different regions, suggesting that humans who broke into the wild had disrupted reproductive ability. The effect of chameleons on neighboring reefs and thus the genetic flow, increasing the risk of extinction due to lack of mating options.

Eric Rodman, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University who was not involved in the study, said the authors of the study may have exaggerated the level of genetic variation between groups without taking into account the way some DNA inherited. Atom.

“Although the study authors had a lot of good genetic sites and estimates, they did not have an assessment of these genetic parameters before fragmenting the habitat, so they could not predict any genetic effect on deforestation,” Rodman added.

“If I had reviewed this study, I would have suggested major revisions, and the genetic part of their study is endless,” he continued.

The authors believe it may take time for the effects of deforestation on genetic diversity to emerge, but Dole said rainforest loss needs immediate attention to prevent chameleon species from reaching irreversible levels.

“Urgent conservation measures are needed, including the restoration of habitats to stop deforestation and improve connectivity,” the study authors wrote. The performance of the forest is questionable, as most of the destruction was within its borders.

They added: “Although expanding the reserve to include all the reefs of the forest is the first step, steps are needed to avoid destroying the remaining reefs.”

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The authors note that these efforts are important for any other organism that lives among these chameleons, and they note that there may be more pygmy chameleons in areas where they cannot be explored.

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School trips to Expo Dubai… Unforgettable lessons to explore COP28



School trips to Expo Dubai… Unforgettable lessons to explore COP28


Inspiring the next generation of students, innovators and change makers

December 7, 2023

13:40 PM

School trips to Expo Dubai… Unforgettable lessons to explore COP28

School trips to Expo Dubai… Unforgettable lessons to explore COP28

After the grand success of “Expo 2020”, Expo City Dubai continues its new mission to inspire the next generation of students, innovators and change makers through new, inspiring and enriching trips and unforgettable lessons within the “COP28” conference.
By filling out a simple form on the Expo Dubai website, schools had the opportunity to conduct exploratory and adventurous school trips, learning about new intellectual concepts about the Climate Summit, full of movement and activity among its visitors. A mixture of different colors dominated by “green”.
“Expo” has allocated 4 school programs in conjunction with the exceptional event, namely the workshops “Charge Your Energy”, “Net Zero Carbon”, “Terra Science Show” and “Diving to Find the Treasure”. With these various workshops and activities, schools can plan the trip based on the timing and type of content they are looking for.
Sayeed Education campuses, early in the morning, conducted various tours for children in regular classes, ensuring that they were introduced to the meanings of environment, sustainability and climate, and were eager to take souvenir photos with statistics related to climate and attendance. city.
Reda Ashmawi, General Supervisor of Students at Dubai International Academy, said: The educational environment in the UAE continues to focus on expanding students’ awareness of the importance of the environment and concepts of sustainability by reducing paper use. While encouraging the use of recycled materials, the school does not use plastic containers.” Rotate it. We established an “Environment Club” in the school to support innovative projects and various educational activities to protect the environment.
Enes Samir, school trip supervisor at Al Taweela School in Abu Dhabi, said the school has initiatives and projects on the topic of “sustainability”, drip farming and new energy. A school trip to Expo Dubai is a relevant and inspiring opportunity for students to become intimately familiar with these terms and interact with the reality of climate action.
Abigail Muradoria, student supervisor at Citizens School in Dubai, explains that the students are enjoying a cultural trip to Expo City for the third time, to connect them with sustainability and agriculture projects and raise awareness of the importance of protecting communities and the environment. . There are workshops and activities including visiting some local and international pavilions, eating healthy foods and avoiding plastic use. (wham)

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Dive into the Ultimate Relaxation at Rus Elite Spa



Located in the heart of Dubai, Rus Elite Spa stands as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. This premier European spa in Al Barsha,, Dubai, offers an unparalleled experience that combines the best of European and Russian spa traditions.

Expert Therapists from Across Europe

The spa boasts a professional team of therapists from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland,Turkey , Uzbekistan, Croatia, Slovenia, and Lithuania. Each therapist brings their unique touch, ensuring that every guest receives a personalized spa experience.

Unique and signature Massages and Services

Strawberry Massage: Dive into a fruity relaxation with durations ranging from 60 to 120 minutes.

Thermal Fire/Spirit Healing Massage: A 90-minute transformative experience.

Chocolate/Cream Massage: Indulge in a sweet escape for 60 to 90 minutes.

Honey Massage: A sticky-sweet relaxation lasting from 60 to 90 minutes.

Lomi-Lomi Massage: Experience Hawaiian healing for 60 to 120 minutes.

And many more, including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and the luxurious 4 and 6 Hands Massage. For those seeking a complete body treatment, the spa offers combinations of massages with Moroccan baths.

COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES FOR OUR GUESTS : steam rooms and saunas are included.


Special Deals and Packages

Our Dubai SPA center continually offers special deals like the VIP Treatment, which includes a 30-minute full-body scrub followed by any 60-minute massage. The Royal Body Treatment combines a 60-minute massage with a 60-minute Moroccan bath. There are also options for massage combined with waxing and complimentary access to the steam room and sauna with any massage.

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A Glimpse into Rus Elite Spa

Nestled on the R Level of the prestigious 5-star Elite Byblos Hotel, Rus Elite Spa is more than just a spa; it’s a complete wellness retreat. With state-of-the-art facilities, it offers amenities like a sauna, steam room, and a rooftop swimming pool. The tranquil atmosphere and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination in Dubai.

What Guests Are Saying

The testimonials speak volumes about the quality of service at  Guests like Khalid Salame and Abdirahman have praised the spa for its friendly staff, ambient rooms, and high-quality massages. Others, like Chathura Jayasinha and Ali Soliman, recommend the spa for its professionalism and the relaxation they found during their visits.

Connect with Rus Elite Spa

For those eager to explore more, check out the full menu of services or find them at the Elite Byblos Hotel, behind the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha 1, Dubai. Have free valet parking.

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Experiences dedicated to spreading environmental awareness among students



Experiences dedicated to spreading environmental awareness among students

The Green Education Center – Legacy from the Land of Zayed, run by the Ministry of Education as part of the COP 28 conference, has received 384 male and female students from 12 schools across the country. Students interacted with the educational and recreational activities provided by the center, designed to increase their environmental awareness through experiences that combine fun and knowledge.

Interactive platforms dedicated to focusing on environmental diversity in the UAE received significant response from students, in addition to a “Sustainability Craft” game inspired by the natural and biological diversity of the UAE and a room designed to provide educational content on climate issues. In cooperation with “SEE” company.

The list of schools that visited the center include: “Virgin International School”, “Atbal Al Khair” School, “Arbor” School, “Dwight” School, Halimah Al Sadiya School, Al Tabianiya School, Al Fath School, Abdul Rahman Al Nasser School, Excellence School, and Raffles International School. », School of Principles, and Saeed Education Complex Al Warqa.

By the end of the sixth day of the COP28 conference, the number of visitors to “Legacy from the Land of Said” reached about 4,000 visitors, and the center will continue its work until the end of the Conference of Parties on December 12. .

The center has attracted a large number of visitors since its inception, who flock to its various halls to learn about the concepts of sustainability put forth by participating companies under the center’s umbrella. The inauguration of the center was an epitome of partnership between the Ministry of Education and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Last April, the Ministry announced the “Green Education Partnership” program, focusing on four key axes: Green Education, Green Schools, Green Communities and Building green skills. The number of visitors and visitors to the center during the conference is expected to exceed 18,000 participants, confirming the level of global interest in the role of education in sustainability issues.

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