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Sara Abdullah bint Al Sharqiya, who has a golden throat in religious songs.. Honored by the Minister of Education.


East – Hamdi Abdel-Azeem

Saturday, March 04, 2023 at 02:00 PM

Sara Abdullah Al-Sawi is a woman East God gave her a golden throat in religious hymns and prophetic praises. The Minister of Education heard her and was impressed by her voice and generosity in his office in the Ministry of Education.

Sarah Abdullah Al-Sawi, a 17-year-old in the second grade of an industrial secondary school, said: “My father and mother discovered my voice by accident. The song “Yadonia Semani Abuya and Sani” was posted on the school’s Facebook page. It got 2 million comments on the first day of its publication.

The teachers at school welcomed me, they often participated in art competitions outside the school, my father was determined to travel with me to distant parties outside the center, I participated in many art competitions and won advanced positions in them.

And he said, “The seventh day,” Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. I was present at the celebration organized by the Directorate of Education on the occasion of the visit of Reda Hegazi, after finishing the technical column I had delivered. At the celebration, the Minister of Education stood up and said he was so impressed by my voice that he asked me to go to his office in the ministry in Cairo to honor us, and he actually took me. For the office of First Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education, he honored me in his office, which gave me great confidence and inspired me to take a big leap in singing.

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Sara Abdullah noted that she develops herself by listening to great singers on YouTube, checking letters, length and pauses, then reading in front of her mother or her friends, listening to their observations. Until she achieves great recitation.

I started memorizing the Holy Qur’an three years ago, I am 14 years old, I have memorized ten parts so far, studied the rules of the Holy Qur’an, entered Qur’an competitions and won advanced. It has its own adoring audience.

Sung in the presence of Education Minister

Respect to Education Minister

Sarah with the Minister of Education during a stealth trip

Sarah was honored by the Education Minister

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