March 29, 2023

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Sarah Salama settles her plastic surgery controversy (video)

Sarah Salama settles her plastic surgery controversy (video)

After several gossips, actress Sarah Salama decided to resolve the controversy that arose after she underwent plastic surgery, following the posting of her photo on social websites in recent days, she appeared with completely different features. The public is accustomed.

In a television interview, Sarah Salamah pointed out that the photo she posted was not plastic surgery and that the talk and controversy about her having plastic surgery was just a rumor and that the matter had not caused her any reaction.

Sarah Salamah continued, “The picture I posted showed no cosmetics or my appearance was different, and I did not know the reason and secret for this attack on me, and I was not one of the first people to appear as an artist. The first words and rumors that appeared were coming out, For the second time, do I want to know the reason for this attack? “

Sarah Salamah confirmed that she is not afraid to reveal what she has undergone plastic surgery for if this happens, followed by: “If I have a plastic surgery, I will appear and say, I am not afraid of anything. If anything bothers me in my appearance, if I want to change it, I will, because I will.” She is an honest person and I have nothing to fear from her. “

He pointed out that he did not want to stir up controversy and that his appearance had completely changed as a result of filtering in the Instagram application.

Sarah Salamah finally explained: “My father first advised me not to enter the field of acting, and then I was limited to roles like evil and provocation. I rejected this a lot, I did not like that limit. But my goal should be different. I was excited two or three times. I could do roles, but all my roles caused me to turn down a lot of work. “

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It is noteworthy that after the uproar about plastic surgeries, Sarah Salama decided to calm all the mouths in her own way and released her picture in which she commented: “The first plastic surgery I did was to beautify herself … God will heal every sick soul. ”

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