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Saturn and its rings.. an “extraordinary” image from James Webb


NASA’s “James Webb” space telescope captured a unique image of Saturn, showing it very dark, while its rings appeared bright.

And the image published on the “NASA” website and on its account on social networks shows that the sixth planet of the solar system is far from the sun, and the methane gas absorbs the rays of the sun falling on it, so it looks very dark. However, its bright rings appeared in the atmosphere, giving the planet an “unusual appearance” in this image, the agency said.

NASA said the “James Webb” captured the image on June 25 as part of a new project to test the telescope’s ability to detect faint moons around the planet and its bright rings, which could help scientists paint a more complete picture of any newly discovered moons. Image of the Saturn system. Present and Past.

James Webb, the most powerful space observatory, has enormous capabilities and has already allowed astronomers to obtain new views of deep space.

For the first time, telescopes have detected carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet.

Knowing the atmospheres of exoplanets is crucial if we are to find Earth-like planets and search for life.

Using his powerful infrared instruments, James Webb documented a unique view of the “Wolf Rat” star, one of the brightest, most massive and short-lived stars, only a short time after its discovery.

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