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Saudi Arabian Health Minister Reveals Pilgrims’ Health and Hajj Procedure for Corona Victims


It was confirmed by the Saudi Ministry of Health with a system of careful monitoring of epidemic and communicable diseases to monitor the spread of these diseases and anticipate early health warnings for cases requiring rapid intervention and support. Saudi Health Minister.

An exceptional season

Al-Jalajil said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Everyone’s health Pilgrims Reassuringly, the Ministry of Health is following up and providing health services to the pilgrims.

This year’s Hajj for those below 65 years of age should be fully immunized with basic doses of vaccines. COVID-19 Approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Al-Jalajil stressed that this year’s health threats are different from previous ones, including the continuation of the Corona epidemic, the spread of new diseases such as monkeypox and cholera, and high temperatures.

Despite this, the number of pilgrims permitted was exceptionally raised to one million pilgrims by increasing the profits from vaccinations and conditions such as setting a maximum age limit of 65 years and conditions for corona vaccinations.

Al-Jalaj warned that high temperatures could be one of the most important threats this summer, leading to heat stroke and stress, with the pilgrimage coming in July.

Hajj despite injury

One of the most important benefits during Hajj is that the Ministry of Health is there for those affected by Corona to complete the rituals of Hajj during Hajj, in isolation, without endangering others.

Al-Jalajil said: “Prerequisites have been set up to help pilgrims perform their duties. RitualsStrict protocols for isolation mechanism and continuous performance of Haj rituals.

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He added: “These protocols will prevent the spread of the disease, prevent the spread of infections, and help the injured to complete the Hajj.”

The Saudi minister expressed his happiness with the great response and commitment shown by the pilgrims to the instructions and laws, and made them stay away from the sun, carry umbrellas, avoid excessive heat and complete the rituals smoothly.

About a million pilgrims flocked to Mount Arafat on Friday to perform the biggest leg of the pilgrimage, two years after the Covid-19 pandemic severely curtailed the number of pilgrims.

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