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“YouTube Shorts” is creating a new generation of content producers in the Arab region


“YouTube Shorts” is creating a new generation of content producers in the Arab region

Saturday – 10th Al-Hijjah 1443 AH – 09 July 2022 AD Issue no. [

YouTube Shorts provide great interaction between content creators and followers


Jeddah: Khaldun Ghazan Saeed

YouTube Shorts launched in the Middle East and North Africa a year ago to help creators share their stories and share their stories, using new video formats to better reach and inspire viewers, as the YouTube community grows. 1.5 Over 1 billion monthly users.

The growing importance of videos in every field has encouraged video production companies in Dubai to extend their services to marketers and content creators. These companies now help create short marketing and entertainment videos suitable for YouTube users. The many features of this application give room for highly creative and innovative individuals to develop new ideas.

The company has unveiled features for the service to better personalize videos. One of these features is “Shorts Remix,” which allows YouTube content creators to put their own touch on content of their choice using video editing and blending tools like green screen to change backgrounds. The feature is currently available on iOS phones and will soon be rolling out to Android devices. The green screen feature allows eligible “video on demand” video or video clips up to 60 seconds to be used as a background to the user’s original “shorts” videos. The Cut feature gives you the ability to use a 1- to 5-second video clip from on-demand or shorts clips to create new content.
Another feature is the introduction of in-depth, multiformat analytics. “Multiformat Analytics” introduces a new format of YouTube statistics (video and short films), allowing them to personalize and optimize their content.
YouTube has seen a new trend for content creators, with artists and content creators communicating and interacting with their followers in multiple forms. Artists across multiple formats create unlimited content that allows them to expand their creativity and reach and connect with their followers. As of April 2022, Shorts, which includes a sample of longer videos, has received more than 100 billion views, with more subscribers than using only longer videos.
As an example of content creators from the Middle East and North Africa region, Assa Jarroor from the United Arab Emirates used “shorts” to continue sharing her stories with her followers as she managed to increase the number of subscribers to her channel. 43% Jordanian Fatima Teppana, for her part, noticed the growing demand for Korean music in the region and saw an opportunity for success by putting her own touch on the culture of Korean songs and sharing it with audiences. Quickly connect with Chanel and her favorite Korean band by posting videos around the world.

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