June 5, 2023

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بحث علمي يحذر من تناول المخللات لاحتمال تسببها بمرض خطير!

Scientific study warns that eating pickles can lead to serious illness!

Analysis of scientific research conducted by the World Cancer Foundation (WCRF) revealed that one type of vegetable increases the risk of stomach cancer and the evidence is “strong”.

One of the most surprising findings is that starchy vegetables increase the risk of stomach cancer. This is a comprehensive meta-analysis evaluation conducted by the World Cancer Foundation (WCRF).

Food security is defined as the processing and handling of food that stops or significantly slows down spoilage and preserves its nutritional value, texture and taste while preventing foodborne illness.

To increase the shelf life of the food, it is often salted and pickled – it is thought to lead to the development of stomach cancer.

According to the WCRF, animal samples show higher salt levels altering the viscosity of the mucus, which protects the stomach and promotes the formation of N-nitroso compounds.

The Cancer Charity warns, “In addition, high salt intake may trigger the colonization of H. pylori, a strong known risk factor for stomach cancer. Finally, in animal models, high levels of salt have been shown to cause primary cellular damage leading to the development of stomach cancer.”

The Foundation concludes that there is “strong evidence” that salty foods (including preserved starch-free vegetables) increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Vegetables can be divided into groups according to their individual starch. Examples of starch-free vegetables are:

Carrots, beets, parsnips and turnips, as well as green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce and lettuce).

Cabbage, broccoli and watercress.

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• Allium vegetables (e.g. onions, garlic and leeks).

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Starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes contain more carbohydrates than starchy vegetables.

Evidence for risks associated with salting and pickling foods is on the rise, according to a landmark study Published According to the British Journal of Cancer, regular consumption of high-salt foods doubles the risk of stomach cancer, according to a report in the British Journal of Cancer.

The study, based on about 40,000 middle-aged Japanese, examined food, drinking and smoking habits over a 11-year period.

Studies show that Japanese men with low salt intake have an increased risk of stomach cancer of about 1,000 per year. This is twice as much as one in 500 people who consume more salt.

The main symptoms of stomach cancer

There are many symptoms of stomach cancer, but they are difficult to diagnose.

According to the NHS, it can affect digestion:

Heartburn or GERD.

Problems with swallowing (dysphagia).

• Sick.

Symptoms of indigestion such as frequent belching.

Feeling full very quickly when eating.

Other symptoms include:

Anorexia or weight loss without effort.

Swelling in the upper part of your abdomen.

Pain in the upper part of your abdomen.

Feeling tired or lacking in energy.

Source: Express