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Two conversations with Swindon and Khawazi and “Sales to Death” on the fourth day of “Marrakesh”.

On the fourth day of the international film festival in Marrakesh, in its twentieth session, there were two dialogue segments with Scottish actress Tilda Swinton and Japanese director and screenwriter Naomi Kawase.

The film screening program continued with films scheduled in “Official Competition,” “Panorama of Moroccan Cinema,” “Honors,” “Evolving Audiences,” “Celebratory Screenings,” and “Special Screenings.”

Scottish actress Tilda Swinton (EPA)

An interview with Swindon

Within the framework of the section “A Dialogue with…” Swinton reviews the key stations in his professional experience, the directors he worked with and the paths of his cinematic creativity. He emphasized that the success of cinema projects lies in the nature of the relationship that unites the various parties involved in the artistic work.

The meeting with Swindon was an opportunity to see excerpts from some of his major cinematic works, which demonstrated his professional credentials.

Swinton, who was honored at the 19th edition of the Marrakesh Film Festival, said he was particularly interested in the problem of framing, and that he saw each character in a particular film as a self-contained unit.

In addition to reviewing his artistic career, Swinton shared with the audience his vision of the development of cinema in relation to several global crises, social developments and technological changes.

Tilda Swinton in the dialogue section at the Marrakesh Festival (organizer)

Swindon, who chaired the jury for the 18th edition of the Marrakesh Festival in 2019, is considered one of the most talented and renowned creators among women and children of her generation. the box She surprises the audience with every new creation. He is known as an integrated representative, with many features and choices at the diagnostic level. It gave it global presence and prestige.

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Swinton recently starred in George Miller’s “Three Thousand Years of Longing” (2022), Louis Anderson’s “Asteroid City” (2023) and David Fincher’s “The Killer” (2023). Venice Film is the official competition of the 80th session of the festival.

Interview with Kawas

For her part, Naomi Kavas spoke in her dialogue segment about her artistic beginnings, her vision of cinema and her relationship with it, stressing that filmmaking is a serious matter that monitors reality. He added that at the beginning of his career he did not see himself as a film director, before he discovered that he was called to seek answers to the questions he faced on an existential level.

Naomi Kawasi in the Dialogue section at the Marrakesh Festival (Organizer)

Kawasi recalls his first documentary experiences, which were immersed in thinking and portraying reality, questioning the world, tracking human frailty and the triumph of family values, while emphasizing that cinema should serve the people. I talked about the boundaries between documentary and fiction, the boundaries between reality and fiction, and I stopped at the actors’ ability to act and create spontaneity, away from artificiality.

Kawasi draws inspiration from reality, while his films cross the boundaries between documentary and fiction. It has won several awards at major international festivals.

Japanese director and screenwriter Naomi Kawase (EPA)

As he continues to explore new avenues of expression around the world, in 2010, Kawas founded the NARA International Film Festival in his hometown, where he dedicates his efforts to shaping the rising generations.

Kawas has written numerous articles and research, while pursuing her eclectic creativity beyond gender.

The dream of freedom and the pain of loss

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The official competition of the Marrakech Film Festival continued with the competition of two new films. It is about its Turkish director Nehir Tuna’s “The Dormitory” (2023) and its Colombian director Juan Sebastián Quebrada’s “The Other Son” (2023).

The official competition was presented by Turkish director Nehir Tuna’s movie “The Dormitory” (organizing body).

The events of “The Dormitory” take place in Turkey in 1997, amid rising tensions between religious and secularists, when Ahmed, aged fourteen, was sent away by his father, who had recently converted to Islam. Islamic boarding school to imbibe the values ​​of Islam.

Despite trying to be an exemplary son, Ahmed struggles to adapt to the violence shown to him by the youth at the boarding school. He begins to feel isolated in his school and keeps his relocation a secret. Ahmed finds what he’s looking for in his new friend, a resourceful kid who knows how to defy boarding school restrictions, so together they begin to dream of freedom.

While approaching the complexity of contemporary Turkish society, embedded in issues such as traditions or the preservation of masculinity, Duna remains his first film “The Dormitory”, combining his critique of society with the film’s aesthetics. He graduated from Sundance. Institute and laboratory selected to participate. Sundance Screenwriters Lab in 2019 and Directors and Screenwriters Lab in 2020.

Awarded by Colombian director Juan Sebastián Quebrada (Organizing Party) “The Other Son”.

“The Other Son” tells the story of Federico and his brother Simone, who live their youth to the fullest, until the day Simone dies as a result of falling from a balcony at a party. The family falls apart as Federico spends his last weeks of school trying to live normally. As he grieves, he tries to get closer to his brother’s ex-girlfriend, Laura, with whom he seems comfortable.

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A human drama about the pain of loss, the film highlights two ways to overcome the pain of losing a brother and a son. The first is through the character of Federico to leave the family for a period of time to forget what happened. , the second, chosen by the mother, is in living together… The pain of loss and recalling the memory of the deceased is the best way to honor the deceased and respect his soul.

Death for Sale (2011)

During the current session, it is one of the films selected as part of a special section honoring Moroccan director Fouzi Benzidi alongside Danish actor Mats Mikkelsen.

A scene from “Death for Sale” by Faouzi Bensaidi (organizer).

The film talks about the will of three marginalized and unemployed youths to overcome the social barrier and even commit crimes. Despite their different motives for robbing a jewelry store, they often disagree with each other to the point of violent fights. Malik, 26, is madly in love with Dunia and wants to free her from the world of prostitution. As for 30-year-old Allal, he dreams of making a living through drug trafficking, while 18-year-old Sophian harbors a desire to take revenge on society. It is common to rob a large jewelry store in Tetouan City. A destination desired by all three young men. Given the reality they suffer from, they have nothing to lose and fear nothing to achieve their goal.

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