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Scientists have discovered a new type of corona, which they call “fornax”.


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Thu, Aug 24, 2023 12:21 pm

Scientists have discovered one of the new strains recognized by health authorities, the FL.1.5.1 variant – nicknamed “Fornax”, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reckons the Fornax strain is the second largest. 13.3% of infections in the United States. According to Times of India website.

What is Fornax variant or FL.1.5.1?

After the widespread EG.5 variant, FL.1.5.1 is the second largest strain with 13.3% of infections in the United States, CDC estimates.

FL.1.5.1, dubbed “Fornax” by biologist and corona watcher Ryan Gregory, nearly doubled from the previous week, accounting for 7.1% of the variance in circulation.

CBS USA reports that FL.1.5.1 and EG.5 are two different XBB offspring that share a mutation called F456L. This mutation enables them to spread more than their other viral counterparts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), EG.5 is responsible for 20.6% of viral infections.Corona By the end of the third week of August in the United States, there were more than any other SARS virus in circulation.

For the past few weeks, health experts are now monitoring three new types of coronaviruses, the FL.1.5.1 or Fornax strain and the eg5 and ba.6 strains.

Symptoms of new coronavirus variants

Symptoms of coronavirus types EG.5 and FL.1.5.1 often appear similar. So far, there are no dramatic changes in symptoms caused by these new strains compared to their earlier cousins ​​of the Omicron strain. Nowadays, common symptoms include sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, cough with or without phlegm, and headache.

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What about the vaccine?

American company Moderna said, “Preliminary clinical trial data confirm that the updated vaccine for corona showed a significant boost in neutralizing antibodies against the EG.5 (Eris) and FL.1.5.1 (Fornax) strains.” Hence, Moderna’s updated corona vaccine is effective against circulating variants.

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