June 8, 2023

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Scientists have found a way to see the beginning of the universe

Scientists have found a way to see the beginning of the universe

The study, published in the journal “REACH: The Cosmic Hydrogen Radio Experiment,” foundAstronomy Natural” today, Friday, is a way or way to “see” from Halal Cosmic fog It was created at the very beginning of the creation of the universe and the vision of the emitted light Stars And thisGalaxies First in the universe.

Looking deeper into the universe allows scientists to effectively go back in time and see the outer reaches of the universe, which means seeing the light from its beginning, which allows us to see it. universe When it started.

However, it is considered difficult to do so as the scene is shrouded in fog, shrouded in thick clouds HydrogenIn addition to the distortion caused by other signals that can get in the way of distant signals that scientists are now looking for.

Although scientists are well aware, this means Great explosion The beginning of the universe and how the stars formed and then formed, but the time gap between them is still largely a mystery.

Scientists still know relatively littlethe light According to the British newspaper The Independent, first in the universe, stars and galaxies began to metamorphose and form.

Now researchers at the University of Cambridge say they’ve discovered a new way that allows them to see through all that visual noise and find what they’re really looking for.

With this technology, astronomers can observe ancient stars as they interact Hydrogen withdrawal Scientists liken it to designing a landscape by seeing how its shadows appear in fog.

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To develop the new method, scientists combined various technologies from different disciplines that allow them to separate cosmic signals from interference, and then separate them and allow researchers to specifically study space objects.

Scientists hope that the best observations and observations will be made when the first results are repeated by the Cosmic Hydrogen Analysis Radio Experiment, or REACH.

“At the time the first stars formed, the universe was mostly empty and consisted mostly of hydrogen andRadiation“.

“Because of gravity, the elements eventually came together and the conditions were right for nuclear fusion, which formed the first stars. But they are surrounded by clouds of neutral hydrogen, which absorb light very well, so it’s difficult to detect or observe light directly behind the clouds.”

In 2018, the difficulties were clarified when scientists reported that they could see the first working light in the universe.

That’s it Astronomers They find it difficult to replicate the result and suspect that the results may be due to interference with the telescope.

But now, with a new method, scientists can find the answer once and for all.

“If we can confirm that the signal from the previous experiment really came from the first stars, the implications and results will be enormous,” said De Lira Aceto.