March 29, 2023

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Scientists have solved the mystery of one of the wonders of the solar system

Scientists have solved the mystery of one of the wonders of the solar system

The big red dot extends 350 to 500 km below the clouds, the researchers said Buyer It is based on measurements of ultra-short and gravitational waves obtained by Juno.

Data are provided to scientists who study the largest planets Sun Group, Capable of accommodating a thousand Earths and a three-dimensional description of its atmosphere.

Outline letters Storms The fifth planet from the Sun and the largest gas planet with a diameter of about 143,000 km is like the big red dot in the colorful appearance of Jupiter.

The Great Red Spot is a severe storm 16,000 km wide and moving violently through the southern hemisphere. Wonders of the Solar System It’s been around for centuries, but scientists still do not know much about what’s going on beneath its surface, Reuters reports.

An instrument called the Ultrashort-Wave Radiometer helped scientists to study what was going on beneath the clouds around Jupiter and to study the structure of its powerful storms. Is expected.

Scott Bolton, lead researcher for Juno’s work at the Southwest Research Institute, said: Texas “Jupiter operates in this kind of mysterious way, which we have revealed for the first time because this is the first mission we can see inside the planet,” he said, “and we see surprises.”

And about the big red dot, Bolton said: “This is the biggest storm in the entire solar system. There’s nothing like it.”

Starship Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016, gathering information about its atmosphere, structure, and internal magnetic field.