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Biden unveiled a $ 1.75 trillion spending plan


Biden said after a last-minute visit to Congress to persuade the reluctant progressives to support him. Cost plan We have a “historic economic structure” that will create jobs and make America more competitive. Biden then left for the G20 summit in Italy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that a source familiar with the talks was pushing for a vote on a bill. Infrastructure law Legislators from both parties have drafted a trillion-dollar bill, and he told lawmakers that he would like to end the vote before Biden lands in Rome..

But top Progressive Democrats have cooled the idea, and Senator Bernie Sanders said that if there were 50 senators who support the broad spending bill, “the House should not vote on the infrastructure bill.”.

This conflict sets the stage for a war of will in Congress between the moderate Democrats who want the bipartisan infrastructure bill to be passed soon, and the progressives in the party who will vote for it only during the vote on the bill. Cost Bill. In Biden’s absence from the talks, the war will begin in the coming days, but he will not return to Washington before Wednesday..

During a meeting with House Democrats on Thursday, Biden sought their support for his plan, said someone familiar with the matter..

“You have to help me, I need your votes,” Biden told members. “It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the House and Senate majority and my presidency will be united by what is happening. Next week.”“.

Biden ran for president, promising to reduce growing inequality through education programs and social spending funded by the rich and corporate..

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Progressives deny

The president expected an agreement before the Rome summit that would be high on the global minimum corporate tax agenda, and even before the Rome summit. Climate conference In Glasgow, Biden hopes to send the message that the United States is back in the fight against global warming..

Representative Pramila Jayapal, chairperson of the Congress Progressive Committee, said the committee should review any text of the spending bill before committing to a vote on the infrastructure bill..

He was supported by other representatives in the 95-member party legislature. Representative Ilhan Omar said, “We have to keep our promise. We were very clear. We have to see the two projects move together at the same time.“.

The White House said on Thursday it would pay in full by repealing some of the terms of Biden’s broad spending plan. Tax deductions Passed under former President Donald Trump to impose additional fees for redemption of corporate shares and increase fees on profits of rich Americans.

The plan includes a $ 555 billion climate change effort and a six-year funding program for preschool children with other key items, but that does not include paid family leave or taxes on billionaires..

The lack of paid leave in the plan makes the United States the only rich country and one of the few countries in the world that does not offer maternity leave..

Some Republicans support the infrastructure area, but most party lawmakers oppose both bills, and Biden cannot lose more than three of them if he wants to pass one of them..

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In addition to their simple majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats control the Senate by a narrow margin, with the Vice President happily Kamala Harris A referendum is possible if an equation is reached, which means the law must have the broad support of progressives and moderate members of the party.

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